Waterfall safari from a RIB boat.

Waterfall safari boat tour from Norheimsund

Explore the hidden fjords and waterfalls of Hardanger.

Embark on a thrilling waterfall safari from Norheimsund in a RIB (rigid inflatable boat), where the spectacular beauty of Hardanger comes alive up close.

After crossing the majestic Hardangerfjord you enter the ten-kilometer-long Fyksesundet. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by steep, thousand-meter-high mountains plunging straight into the sea. Untamed waterfalls cascade down the mountains, some plummeting freely and others trickling down the rocks.

You move along the imposing mountain sides in the open vessel until you reach the village “Botnen” (“The Bottom”), a village so remote and secluded it’s considered isolated even by Norwegian standards, accessible only by water.

The highlight? Coming face-to-face with the raw power and elegance of waterfalls cascading directly into the fjord. Your camera will thank you for the chance to capture such unique and mesmerizing vistas.


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