Woman holding up a husky puppy

Folgefonna Husky Hike

Guided hike with huskies across the Folgefonna Glacier

Embark on a captivating husky hike across the Folgefonna Glacier. Absorb the stunning vistas, savor a warm beverage by a crackling fire, and trek alongside magnificent huskies.

Nestled in Norway’s wild heart, the air resonates with the cheerful barks and vibrant energy of huskies—these endearing and much-loved dogs. For centuries, they have played a vital role in Nordic traditions, helping explorers and nature lovers. These dogs are treasured for their resilience, endurance, and their warm, loyal hearts. Trekking with these splendid animals, you’ll develop a special connection, linking you directly to the Norwegian wilderness’s spirit.

Discover the splendor of Norway’s third-largest glacier. Folgefonna invites you to explore its untouched snowy expanse under the guidance of skilled guides and dedicated huskies. Enjoy traditional Norwegian refreshments and warm beverages.


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