Bird-eye view of Vøringsfossen waterfall

Why Vøringsfossen is one of Norway’s most visited waterfalls

The spectacular sensation of seeing multiple cascades plummeting 145 metres straight down into the Måbødalen Valley cannot be adequately captured in a photograph.

Your senses are engaged as you take in the stunning natural wonder from one of the Vøringsfossen viewpoints and try and absorb the moment.

Although not the largest or tallest Norwegian waterfall, Vøringsfossen is the most famous waterfall in Norway. While the amount of water passing over the falls fluctuates throughout the year, between June and September an average of 12 cubic meters flows over the powerful Vøringsfossen waterfall each second.

People are encouraged to be cautious and vigilant when visiting the area. With several Vøringsfossen viewpoints to choose from just steps away from the parking area at Fossli, as well as many viewpoints along the road side through Måbødalen, there are safe, world-class views available for all.

Drone view of Vøringsfossen waterfall

According to the World Waterfall Database, 12 of the World’s Top 100 Highest Rated Waterfalls are in Norway. Vøringsfossen ranks at 43/100 and is included in Bergen’s Ring of Waterfalls list, which outlines various waterfalls circling the region. 

With its close proximity to Bergen, easy accessibility and ample photo opportunities, it’s no wonder why Vøringsfossen waterfall is one of Norway’s most visited waterfalls.

Two ways to experience the Vøringsfossen waterfall tour

While the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall is the main attraction in the area, no trip to Eidfjord is complete without visiting The Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger. 

Our Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour is the best way to see two of the most popular attractions in Hardangerfjord and includes an audio-guided bus tour departing from Eidfjord, museum entrance to the Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger and Vøringsfossen waterfall tour.

To make your experience even more spectacular, consider our Hardangerfjord Cruise and Vøringsfossen day trip. 

This combines our Vøringsfossen bus waterfall tour with an open-deck catamaran trip visiting historic villages, idyllic orchards and a look at Folgefonna glacier and national park, the third largest glacier in Norway.

Experience Vøringsfossen Waterfall

Sightseeing bus from Go Fjords driving next to Vøringsfossen waterfall

Hardangerfjord Cruise and Vøringsfossen Waterfall

Cruise on the Hardangerfjord and explore the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 1851
Electric bus from Tide parked at Norwegian Nature Centre

Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour

An audio guided tour by electric bus from Eidfjord through Måbødalen valley to Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 705


  • Vøringsfossen is the most photographed waterfall in Norway
  • The waterfall has a drop of 135 m (442 ft)
  • It’s total fall reaches 173 m (567 ft)
  • The falls have 5 distinct drops
  • Vast quantities of water plunge down from the Hardangervidda plateau to Måbødalen
  • In English, Vøringsfossen is known as Vørings Falls
  • Water from the falls is harnessed to produce electricity
  • Upgraded Vøringsfossen viewpoints were unveiled between 2016 and 2020 at the top of the famous waterfall
  • Historical Fossli Hotel is located at the top of the waterfall
  • Access to the waterfall is 50 m from the parking area
  • The best time of the year to visit is between May and October
  • Vøringsfossen waterfall is located on the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, called the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda
  • Nearby there are dozens of other impressive waterfalls including Tysvikjofossen, Berdølofossen, Skytjedalsfossen and Svellofossen


Watching huge amounts of water spill from the Hardangervidda plateau drop into the valley of Måbødalen is an experience like none other.

  • Måbødalen is a valley stretching 7 km (4.3 mi) from the village of Øvre Eidfjord to the Sysendalen valley
  • In English, Måbødalen is known as Måbø Valley
  • In 1854, Johan Christian Dahl painted a landscape of the area called Måbødalen, which is in the Bergen art museum
  • It is possible to see Vøringsfossen waterfall from the bottom of the valley
  • The scenery is stark with contrast—soaring mountains and waterfalls, winding hairpin turns, narrow and steep valleys
  • There used to be several roads passing through Måbødalen, one of which was the first road connection between Eastern and Western Norway over the Hardangervidda plateau