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Welcome to Trondheim

Norway's historic gem

Nestled along the Trondheim Fjord, this historic city is known for its colorful wooden houses, viking heritage, and cobblestone streets. Visitors can explore the majestic Nidaros Cathedral, walk through the bustling Bakklandet district with its quaint cafes and boutique shops, and enjoy a lively cultural scene.

Trondheim city illustration

Experience Trondheim and the fjord by boat

Trondheim City Boat Tour

Trondheim’s best sights by boat: A unique river-to-fjord boat adventure.
From NOK 995

Fjord and Island Boat Trip from Trondheim

Thrilling fjord journey with local flavours to Tautra Island, from Trondheim.
From NOK 995

Paddle along the Nidelven river

A group of kayaks padling in Nidelven river in Trondheim

Guided Kayak Tour in Trondheim

Join a kayaking adventure to discover the landscapes and stunning sights of Trondheim
From NOK 690
Night time kayaking with northern lights on the sky above Trondheim

Guided night kayaking tour in Trondheim

Nighttime kayaking tour in Trondheim exploring illuminated landscapes and historic sights
From NOK 890
kayaking in Nideleven river in Trondheim close to the Nidarosdomen cathedral

Guided Winter Kayaking Tour in Trondheim

Experience the winter beauty of Trondheim with a guided kayaking tour along the Nidelven River
From NOK 790


Trondheim is a young and vibrant city known for its large technology community, driven by innovative entrepreneurs and NTNU. The city’s 40,000 students ensure a rich variety of cultural events and activities.

Trondheim is a city where the fusion of food, history, arts, technology, and green initiatives ignites a culture of innovation and rich tradition. This vibrant city stands out with its progressive nature and lively urban life, all while embodying a charming small-town heart. Travelers have been drawn to Trondheim since long before the Viking Age. As Norway’s Viking capital and a revered pilgrimage destination, Trondheim also boasts a unique gastronomic heritage. The region’s fertile soil, abundant fjord, and mountainous terrain provide a perfect breeding ground for world-class ingredients, making Trøndelag a gastronome’s dream and truly the Home of Nordic Flavors.

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Trondheim is a gastronomic haven, home to two Michelin-starred restaurants, Fagn and Speilsalen. A true foodie’s paradise, these establishments offer a culinary journey that showcases the region’s exceptional ingredients. The fertile soil, fjords teeming with seafood, and abundant wildlife have long made Trøndelag a culinary hotspot. This heritage has earned the region the title of “The Home of Nordic Flavors.”

For those seeking adventure, the coast of Trondheim is perfect for RIB boat tours. A popular excursion is to the island of Tautra, home to a historic monastery that offers a tranquil retreat and a glimpse into the area’s spiritual history.

In the heart of the city stands Nidaros Cathedral, an ornate Gothic masterpiece that serves as Norway’s national shrine and northern Europe’s most important pilgrimage site. Just across the Nidelva River from the city center, Bakklandet awaits under the watchful gaze of Kristiansten Fortress. Known as the “Gates of Happiness,” Bakklandet offers an immersive experience of an old town that preserves Trondheim’s historical spirit with its charming wooden houses and cozy cafes.

Trondheim is a city that celebrates life with a myriad of festivals and events throughout the year. The city proudly hosted Bocuse d’Or Europe in March 2024 and The World Cheese Awards in October 2023. The Norway Seafood Festival pays homage to the region’s outstanding seafood, while the summer months bring tens of thousands of visitors to the city for Olavsfest, Trøndelag Food Festival, and Trondheim Brewery Festival. These events showcase the best of Trøndelag’s culture, food, and drink, creating a vibrant atmosphere that captivates locals and visitors alike.

A landmark of luxury and history, the Britannia Hotel first opened its doors in 1870 to aristocratic Britons who came to fish the legendary salmon rivers of the region. After a meticulous multi-year renovation, the iconic hotel reopened in April 2019, continuing its legacy of over 150 years of exceptional hospitality. With six exquisite restaurants and bars, including the Michelin-starred Speilsalen, the Britannia Hotel epitomizes elegance and indulgence.

Trondheim, with its blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy, is a destination that promises unforgettable experiences, from its culinary delights and cultural heritage to its natural beauty and festive spirit.

The weather in Trondheim

Trondheim experiences a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers, influenced by its coastal location along the Trondheim Fjord.

How to travel to Trondheim

By air

Trondheim Airport (TRD) is Norway’s third largest airport, offering direct flights to/from most Norwegian airports and several international cities. Located just 30 minutes from Trondheim city center, the airport provides convenient connections. Direct flights with Norwegian from Manchester and London, KLM from Amsterdam, and SAS from London and Copenhagen ensure easy access to Trondheim.

By sea

Traveling to Trondheim by boat offers a scenic and unique journey along Norway’s stunning coastline. Both Hurtigruten and Havila Voyages provide regular services that include stops in Trondheim. These coastal voyages are renowned for their breathtaking views and comfortable amenities.

train icon

By train

Traveling to Trondheim by train is a scenic and comfortable option. The city is well-connected by Norway’s rail network, with direct services from Oslo. The train station, Trondheim S, is conveniently located in the city center, providing easy access to local attractions and accommodations. Train travel to Trondheim ensures a relaxing journey with spectacular Norwegian scenery along the way.