A group of kayaks padling in Nidelven river in Trondheim

Guided Kayak Tour in Trondheim

Join a kayaking adventure to discover the landscapes and stunning sights of Trondheim

Explore Trondheim’s hidden gems! Join our kayaking adventures to uncover Trondheim’s beauty. Experience the autumnal beauty and unique views of Nidelven, sights often missed by regular hikers.

Our journey begins at Tempe idrettsanlegg, winds through Nidelven River past the city center, and follows the channel to Skansen. This is an ideal chance to step away from your everyday life and enjoy a few hours on the Nidelven River in Trondheim.

What’s included:

  • Choice of double kayaks or single kayaks for individuals
  • Paddles and all essential safety gear
  • Kayak transportation
  • A brief tutorial on paddling techniques and safety rules (20 minutes)

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