Night time kayaking with northern lights on the sky above Trondheim

Guided night kayaking tour in Trondheim

Nighttime kayaking tour in Trondheim exploring illuminated landscapes and historic sights

Embark on a Magical Nighttime Adventure in Trondheim! Join us for an extraordinary kayaking journey under the starlit skies of Trondheim. As night falls, the city transforms into a mystical world, and there’s no better way to witness it than from the serene waters of the Channel and Nidelven River.

A New Perspective of Trondheim As you paddle through the calm waters, the city’s lights dance on the river’s surface, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The historic buildings and bridges are illuminated, offering a view of Trondheim you won’t find anywhere else.

For Everyone’s Enjoyment This tour is designed to cater to all, from beginners to experienced kayakers. Our skilled instructors will guide you safely through the journey, ensuring a memorable experience.

Immerse in the Night’s Beauty We provide high-quality kayaks, paddles, and all the necessary safety equipment, including headlamps and LED systems, to light your way. Our specially designed suits will keep you warm and comfortable as you explore.

What You’ll Get

  • High-quality kayak and paddles
  • Innovative headlamp and LED lighting systems
  • Comprehensive safety gear
  • Expert guidance from our paddling instructors
  • Comfortable, warm suits for the journey

Don’t miss this chance to experience Trondheim in a way that few ever do. Book your nighttime kayaking tour today and prepare to be enchanted by the city’s night-time allure. Let each paddle stroke lead you into an enchanting world of lights, reflections, and serene beauty.


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