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Welcome to Hardanger

a taste of adventure

Picture this: Walk out on a state of the art viewing platform to catch a cascading waterfall’s spray. Or this: Explore a sparkling fjord, past fields and orchards, to savor fresh fruits, cheeses and ciders at an organic farm. And maybe this: Slipping on crampons and grabbing an ice pick before staking a claim to glacier-climbing fame.

Explore Hardanger on a day trip from Bergen

Three people on a glacier hike to Folgefonna

Folgefonna Glacier Hike

Peaceful Hardangerfjord cruise and adventurous glacier hike at Folgefonna
From NOK 1760
Sightseeing bus from Go Fjords driving next to Vøringsfossen waterfall

Hardangerfjord Cruise and Vøringsfossen Waterfall

Cruise on the Hardangerfjord and explore the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 1851
Fjord cruise with Norled on the Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord Cruise

Cruise on Hardangerfjord, explore an array of small villages and pay a visit to picturesque Eidfjord
From NOK 1160

Drive electric and eco-friendly to Vøringsfossen

Vøringsfossen Express bus parked in Eidfjord

Vøringsfossen Waterfall Express

Direct transfer with electric express bus from Eidfjord to Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 450
Electric bus from Tide parked at Norwegian Nature Centre

Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour

An audio guided tour by electric bus from Eidfjord through Måbødalen valley to Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 705

Experiences from sea to summit

Waterfall safari from a RIB boat.

Waterfall safari boat tour from Norheimsund

Explore the hidden fjords and waterfalls of Hardanger.
From NOK 990
Drone view of Vøringsfossen waterfall

Hardangerfjord and Vøringsfossen Tour from Voss

Discover Hardanger: From Voss to the Hardangerfjord and Vøringsfossen, including entrance to the Norwegian Nature Centre
From NOK 1320
Woman taking photo of Rosendal from a fjord boat

Rosendal boat trip with the Hardangerfjord Express

Boat trip from Bergen to Rosendal in beautiful Hardanger
From NOK 659
Ski lift at Folgefonna glacier

Folgefonna Summer Skiing

Put your ski skills to the test and go summer skiing at Folgefonna Glacier
From NOK 1390

Explore Folgefonna Glacier with huskies

Husky sledding at Folgefonna glacier

Folgefonna Dog Sledding – Half Day

Dog sledding tour across the landscapes of Folgefonna Glacier
From NOK 3700
Dog sledding at Folgefonna glacier

Folgefonna Husky Experience

Daytrip from Bergen or Norheimsund with husky experiences at Folgefonna glacier
From NOK 2125
Woman holding up a husky puppy

Folgefonna Husky Hike

Guided hike with huskies across the Folgefonna Glacier
From NOK 1200

Glacier experiences at Folgefonna

woman padling a kayak by the edge of a glacier

Folgefonna Glacier Kayak Trip

Paddle in the turquoise waters of the glacial lake in Folgefonna National Park
From NOK 2890
Three kayaks padling on the Hardangerfjord

Folgefonna Fjord Kayak Trip

Starting in Jondal, go on a paddle with the Hardangerfjord as a backdrop
From NOK 1090
A group of hikers climbing on Folgefonna glacier

Blue Ice Hike at Folgefonna Glacier

Guided glacier hike at Folgefonna
From NOK 1090

Where fjord meets fruit

Discover Norway’s scenic symphony of flavors and landscapes.

Sounds like your kind of vacation? Then head for Hardanger, the heart of holiday fun in Fjord Norway. Whether it’s active adventure, out-of-this-world scenery, or culinary and cultural encounters, Hardanger has it all. 

Read more about Hardanger!

Start your stay in Eidfjord, a charming fjord port on the Hardangervidda plateau. Grab a bite and book a tour to fjords, falls, farms and more. Explore the shores of the Hardangerfjord. This valley, the “Orchard of Norway,” yields tons of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and, most famously, apples each year. Stop to savor a bite, and toast your visit with a glass of cider — aka, “Nordic champagne” — apple brandy or alcohol-free eplemost at a local farm distillery. 

Now, how about one of Norway’s famous waterfalls? At Vøringsfossen, brave a brand-new sightseeing bridge to peer out over the 182 m (600 ft) high falls pouring into a yawning canyon. Then get wet at Steinsdalsfossen with a walk behind its 50 m (165 ft) curtain of water.

Have some frosty fun at Folgefonna National Park, home to the country’s third-largest glacier. Embark on a guided hike across this 220 sq km (85 sq mi) sheet of ice, or hit the alpine slopes and Nordic trails at the summer ski resort at its northern end. Not a skier? How about a little snowshoeing? Or glacier kayaking?

Or if you are more of a speed seeker, join a RIB tour! Feel the fjord water in your hair and the butterflies in your stomach as you plow through the waters on a thrilling ride. 

Welcome to Hardanger — a taste of adventure.

The weather in Hardanger

Sunny days and moderate rainfall provide perfect conditions for abundant fruit growth. This region is a haven for fruit enthusiasts and explorers!

How to travel to Hardanger

By air

For international and long-distance travelers, the most practical option is to fly to Bergen Airport, Flesland, which is the nearest major airport to Hardanger. From Bergen, one can continue to Hardanger either by rental car, bus, or by combining the journey with a boat trip, which offers a unique view of the Norwegian fjords.

By boat

Traveling to Hardanger by boat is a fantastic experience, especially for those who want to fully enjoy the fjord landscape. There are several boat connections that run from Bergen and other places along the coast directly to various ports in Hardanger. This mode of travel provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificent nature and tranquility found in the Norwegian fjords.

By train

Traveling by train is a comfortable way to reach Hardanger, especially for travelers from other parts of Norway. One can take a train from Oslo or Bergen to Voss, and then continue by bus to various destinations in Hardanger. This combination of train and bus offers a beautiful journey through varied Norwegian landscapes.