A blooming fruit field in Hardanger

5 reasons to visit Hardanger

Home to the Queen of the fjords, Norway’s third-largest glacier, famous waterfalls and beautiful mountain farms, Hardanger encompasses everything Norway is famous for.

Speckled with flowers in the spring and heavy in fruit in the fall – Hardanger is wildly beautiful. A place you need to see, feel and smell for yourself.

Are you ready to explore it? If not, here are another 5 reasons that should have you convinced:

It is home to Norway’s second-longest fjord

Views of the Hardangerfjord
Photo: Bob Engelsen

Spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Hardangervidda plateau, the 179-km-long (111 mi) Hardangerfjord is the second-longest fjord in Norway and the fifth largest in the world. 

Nicknamed “The Queen of the fjords” this majestic fjord boasts spellbinding scenery as well as cultural and natural gems side by side.

You can explore Norway’s southernmost glacier

Three people on a glacier hike to Folgefonna
Photo: Bob Engelsen

In the heart of Hardanger you find Folgefonna Glacier. Not only is it the southernmost glacier in Norway, it is also the third largest. Popular glacier activities include glacier hiking, summer skiing and glacier kayaking.

You can explore cute fjord towns

the garden of Baroniet Rosendal
Photo: Bob Engelsen

There are 8 small towns and villages within the Hardanger region but each one has its own unique vibe and attractions. Located at the foot of the Hardanger Plateau, Eidfjord is among the most known towns. 

Rosendal is also popular as you can explore Barony Rosendal, the only barony in Norway.

You can visit Vøringsfossen

Sightseeing bus from Go Fjords driving next to Vøringsfossen waterfall
Photo: Bob Engelsen

The starlet of Hardanger’s waterfalls is unquestionably Vøringsfossen. Splashes of water plunging from a 182m high plateau into the Måbødalen valley create a dramatic spectacle. Follow the path through the canyon and cross the walking bridge for a thrilling hike amidst a rugged landscape.

Thirsty for more? We have 1 mouthwatering reason left up our sleeve:

Hardanger produces the champagne of apple cider

A farmer walking in a blooming fruit field in Hardanger
Photo: Visit Hardangerfjord

Hardanger has been closely associated with apple production for hundreds of years, and has naturally taken a leading role in the increasing popularity of locally-produced cider. 

Just like high-quality French champagne only is made from grapes grown on the chalky soils in Champagne, the Hardanger cider owes its great quality and distinct flavor to the apple growing conditions the Hardanger region offers.

Experiences in Hardanger

Three people on a glacier hike to Folgefonna

Folgefonna Glacier Hike

Peaceful Hardangerfjord cruise and adventurous glacier hike at Folgefonna
From NOK 1760
Electric bus from Tide parked at Norwegian Nature Centre

Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour

An audio guided tour by electric bus from Eidfjord through Måbødalen valley to Vøringsfossen waterfall
From NOK 705