Folgefonna Glacier Hike

Peaceful Hardangerfjord cruise and adventurous glacier hike at Folgefonna

Join us for a magical glacier hike at Folgefonna – the southernmost glacier in Norway. An added bonus is a relaxing fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord on the way to and from the glacier hike.

Experienced guides will adapt the glacier hike to the participant’s wishes and conditions. Along with your fellow hikers you will get roped together to explore the ancient desert of ice.

During the hike you will have stunning views of the North Sea and the Rosendal Alps. Along the way the guides will share information about the flora and fauna of the area.

The trip starts and ends in Bergen, and includes a scenic Hardangerfjord cruise where you get to kick back and relax while taking in the scenery. The bus and boat rides are unguided, but don’t worry, the transfers are seamless.


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