Coastal cruise with the postal boat at Bulandet island group

Island Hopping to Bulandet and Værlandet

Board a postal boat for a unique tour to remote islands and small communities at Bulandet

Travel like a local! Hop aboard a postal boat and cruise through narrow straits to idyllic islands and the remote communities of Bulandet. Jump on and off the boat and explore the islands on your own.


  • Experience local life aboard a postal boat
  • Cruise through narrow straits and stunning landscapes
  • Discover the quaint villages of Hardbakke and Bulandet
  • Enjoy free time to explore or bike at Bulandet, and visit the local café

Starting in Bergen

This full-day self guided trip hopping from island to island starts in Bergen by express boat. You’ll be dropped off at a place called Krakhella, where a bus transfers you to the quaint village of Hardbakke in Solund.

Aboard the postal boat Stjernsund

From here, you will board a postal boat named Stjernsund. In addition to delivering mail, the boat transports passengers, schoolchildren, and sometimes even sheep. The captain will share local history of these remote communities as you cruise past unique rock formations, hundreds of small islands, and straits so narrow you wonder how even the smallest boat will manage to navigate through.

Explore Bulandet

Once you’ve arrived at the island of Bulandet, you can enjoy lunch at the local cafe or rent a bike to explore the area between Bulandet and Værlandet. If you don’t rent a bike, you can enjoy your free time in the Bulandet area. A bus will then take you from Bulandet to Værlandet quay.

Returning to Bergen

You will travel by ferry between Værlandet and Askvoll. From Askvoll, you will return to Bergen by express boat, concluding your memorable day trip through Norway’s stunning islands.


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