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Frequently asked questions

What can we help you with today?


There are options for accommodation at hotels, campgrounds, or cabins at Preikestolen Base Camp, but this is not included in any of our packages and must be booked privately.

The hike to Preikestolen plateau is moderately demanding with steep ascents at times. The trail is well-marked, and parts of it have been improved by Nepalese Sherpas who built stone steps. This makes it easier to ascend and descend. The hike takes about 4 hours, so it’s important to bring enough food and drinks. Good shoes and warm clothing are also essential. Monitor the weather forecast before departure.

The Kjerag hike takes about 6 hours to complete and is best suited for experienced hikers with good physical endurance. The hike requires proper hiking shoes and equipment. Remember to bring enough food, drinks, and warm clothing.

This varies depending on the different tours. Check under “Important Information” for each specific tour.

We do not sell food, but there are several kiosks and cafes on many of the tours where you can buy food and drinks.

Find information on our website about the specific tour and whether equipment rental is available. Climbing equipment is included in the price of our glacier walks. For some glacier walks, there is an option to rent additional equipment like clothing, gloves, and shoes. Check the website for more information or contact us via email.

Before departure

In general, you can bring a stroller. However, for the tours to Preikestolen and Kjerag, the trails are not designed for strollers. If you still want to bring a stroller, it can be stored in the bus’s luggage compartment at your own risk.

Not all of our tours are suitable for wheelchair users. For some tours, it will be indicated under “Important information” if the tour is wheelchair-friendly. Feel free to contact us at if you’re unsure.

Review the details of the specific tour on our website. At the bottom of the page, under “Important,” you’ll find necessary information about your tour. We also recommend checking the weather forecast before departure. Dress according to the weather and wear proper shoes, especially for mountain hikes.

 You can find information about guides for each specific tour under “Important Information.”

If there are delays during the trip, please contact us at

Familiarize yourself with the specific tour details on our website. At the bottom of the page, under “Important information,” you’ll find necessary information about your tour. We also recommend checking the weather forecast before departure. Dress according to the weather and wear proper shoes, especially for mountain hikes. It’s a good idea to have spare clothes, an extra sweater, and warm socks in your bag in case you get wet or cold.


If a tour is canceled, you will be contacted by us and can choose between a refund or changing to another day within the same month.

If you cancel less than 48 hours before departure, we do not provide a refund. Therefore, we recommend that all travelers have travel insurance with cancellation coverage and also contact their insurance company in case of cancellation due to illness. The insurance company will be responsible for reimbursing relevant refunds if applicable.

We refund the amount as long as the ticket is canceled 48 hours before departure. It may take 5-7 business days for the amount to be back in your account.

In accordance with our terms, the cancellation deadlines will vary from product to product, as they reflect the conditions set by our suppliers. The exact cancellation deadline will be informed during the booking process, and will also be clearly stated in your booking confirmation. 

Requests for refunds must be sent in writing to

The tour will not be canceled due to bad weather from our part. In a few cases, in severe weather conditions, the authorities might cancel the tour. Customers are not entitled to a refund if excursions are canceled due to force majeure. Read more about this on our website under Terms and Conditions.


Currently, we do not operate a customer service phone line. Contact us via email, and we will respond promptly.

Contact us at We will respond as soon as possible during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM.


Contact us at, and we will reach out to the tour provider.

You will receive an email after the tour where you can leave a review on Google. You can also leave a review by clicking this link. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

We’re sorry to hear that. Send us an inquiry at

Ordering and payment

We refund the amount as long as the ticket is canceled 48 hours before departure. It may take 5-7 business days for the amount to be back in your account.

It’s possible that the tour you want to book has ended for the season or that we are fully booked. Feel free to contact us at for other alternatives.

We don’t offer customized packages. You will find all our tours on the website.

We offer pre-packaged tours and activities. It’s not possible to make changes unless specified for a particular tour. There are two exceptions: For the Hardangerfjord Cruise, you can change the departure location. For Preikestolen, you can change the time. You can’t receive a discount if you only complete parts of the package.

Book your trip or activity in advance through our website. You can book up to 48 hours before the planned trip, but some trips like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Vøringsfossen can be booked closer to departure. You can also purchase tickets directly at the tourist information centers in Bergen, Eidfjord, and Stavanger.

If you are late for the tour, you won’t be entitled to a refund. We will try to assist you as best as we can, but we can’t arrange alternative transportation. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before departure and carefully read your ticket or the website for departure time and location. You won’t be entitled to a refund if you miss the transportation or other elements included in your ticket.

If the transaction isn’t completed, check if your card is open for international transactions and if you haven’t exceeded your spending limit. Contact your bank if the issues persist. Go Fjords only accepts Mastercard, Visa cards, and Vipps. Other payment methods are not accepted.

From the age of 15, individuals are considered adults in our ticket system and can travel alone.

Yes, you need to book a child ticket. Infants aged 0-3 years are free but need to be registered when booking.

You will receive your travel documents via email right after booking. The confirmation you receive via email also serves as your ticket.

We don’t offer student or senior discounts on our trips.

You don’t need to print out the booking confirmation. Showing it on your phone is sufficient.

Refunds take about 5-7 business days. The amount will be transferred to the card you used for payment.

For inquiries about booking changes, send an email to

No, but changes to the booking must be made within the same month. You can change the date and time, but not to a different trip. If you want to change the time or date of your travel, you can contact us at, and we will assist you as best as we can.
We recommend doing this well in advance of your departure.

We don’t offer installment plans for our trips and activities. Payment is only available via card (Visa or Mastercard) or Vipps.

We offer payment through Vipps for Norwegian customers, Visa, and Mastercard.


All elements of the tour listed on the booking confirmation/tickets are included.

The departures on our round-trip tickets are linked. Therefore, it’s not possible to change one of the departures. An alternative would be to buy two one-way tickets, which allows you to choose the departures you want.

Our tickets do not include QR codes.

You don’t need to print out your ticket. Showing it on your mobile device is sufficient. Make sure your ticket is available throughout the journey.

You can buy a one-way ticket on the bus to Preikestolen. For the remaining trips, it’s not possible.

It’s not possible to buy a ticket on the bus. You can purchase tickets on our website or at the tourist information centers in Bergen, Stavanger, or Eidfjord. We recommend buying tickets in advance to secure your desired date and time.

We have sent you an email to confirm the booking. This serves as both a confirmation of your purchase and your ticket for the journey. If you haven’t received the confirmation, check your email and spam folder first. If you can’t find it there, please contact us!


You can ask the bus driver if you can store your luggage on the bus. Luggage storage is at your own risk.

Pets are not allowed on our buses for the consideration of other passengers. On other tours that include ferries, dogs are allowed. Contact us via email to double-check if this applies to the tour you want to book. Note that the dog must stay outside on the ferry and cannot come inside.

For tickets for children under 4 years old on the trips to Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Vøringsfossen, please contact us at There is only one child seat available per departure, so it’s advisable to contact us well in advance.

The time it takes to get to Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel depends on the location of the cruise ship. If the cruise ship docks at the harbor in Stavanger city center, either at Strandkaien or Skagenkaien, it’s about a 500-meter walk.

If the cruise ship docks at a harbor outside the city center, shuttle buses are often available. The cruise ship will provide more information about shuttle buses.

On tours like our Cruise to Lysefjorden and Preikestolen – Summer and Stille Lysefjord & Preikestolen Cruise, you will see Preikestolen from a boat in Lysefjorden.

The tour starts from Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel in Stavanger city center. Check your ticket for the departure time and arrive 10 minutes before departure.

The bus to Preikestolen starts from Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel and goes directly to Fjellstue parking. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Send an email to and we will respond as quickly as we can within our opening hours