Vøringsfossen Waterfall Express

Direct transfer with electric express bus from Eidfjord to Vøringsfossen waterfall

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our express electric bus from Eidfjord to the awe-inspiring Vøringsfossen waterfall, one of Norway’s most famous attractions.


  • Direct transfer from Eidfjord to Vøringsfossen
  • Majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall with a 182-meter drop
  • Scenic drive through Norway’s beautiful landscapes with audio guide (English and German)

The adventure begins

Your adventure starts at the Eidfjord quay, where you’ll set off on a scenic drive through the breathtaking landscapes of Norway aboard our electric bus. This express service takes you straight to Vøringsfossen, without any stops along the way, ensuring a swift and comfortable journey.

An English and German audio-guide on the bus provides fascinating facts and stories about the places along the route, enhancing your trip with insights into this remarkable region. These compelling narratives are shared via the bus’s sound system, ensuring you don’t miss any rich historical context of the area.

Majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall

The highlight of the trip is the majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall. As you approach, prepare to be awed by the waterfall’s staggering 182-meter (597 ft) drop. The sight of the cascading water and its thunderous roar echoing through Måbødalen valley offers a truly magnificent experience, connecting you with the raw power and beauty of nature.

Immersive experience at the viewpoint

At the viewpoint, you’ll feel the might of the falls and be captivated by the dramatic landscape of Måbødalen. This part of your journey is not just a visit but an immersive experience in one of nature’s most impressive creations. You have 50 minutes to explore the waterfall from the new viewing platforms – remember to get back to the bus in time for the departure!

Return to Eidfjord

As the tour concludes, the bus will take you back to Eidfjord, leaving you with unforgettable memories of your visit to the magnificent Vøringsfossen waterfall. This express bus service is perfect for anyone looking to experience Norway’s natural wonders in comfort and style.


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