RIB boat tour from Norheimsund.

Waterfall safari on the Hardangerfjord

Go off the beaten path and get as close as possible to the dramatic fjords and waterfalls of Hardanger.

Explore the most inaccessible parts of the world-renowned Hardanger fjord area. A comfortable bus and RIB trip to the bottom of the narrow and secluded Fyksesundet, where steep mountains and waterfalls rise a thousand meters from the sea.

Your adventure begins with a bus ride from either Bergen or Voss to Norheimsund, where you’ll board an open and comfortable RIB (rigid inflatable boat). After crossing the majestic Hardangerfjord you enter the ten-kilometer-long Fyksesundet.

Before you know it, you’re surrounded by steep, thousand-meter-high mountains plunging straight into the sea. Untamed waterfalls cascade down the mountains, some plummeting freely and others trickling down the rocks.

You move along the imposing mountain sides in the open vessel until you reach the village “Botnen” (“The Bottom”), a village so remote and secluded it’s considered isolated even by Norwegian standards, accessible only by water.

The return journey to Bergen includes a 40-minute interlude at Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, close to Norheimsund. Here you can marvel at the waterfall, its enchanting surroundings and the local café and souvenir shops, but also have the chance to walk behind the cascading water for a unique perspective.

Note that we have multiple departure times from Bergen and Voss. There may be different availability based on the selected time slot. 


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