Hardangerfjord and Vøringsfossen Tour from Voss

Discover Hardanger: From Voss to the Hardangerfjord and Vøringsfossen, including entrance to the Norwegian Nature Centre

Experience the best of Western Norway with this day trip starting and ending in Voss, combining two stunning attractions – the Hardangerfjord and Vøringsfossen waterfall.

This unique version of the tour adds a scenic dimension, as your journey begins with a bus ride from Voss, taking you over the picturesque Ulvik mountain. The descent into Ulvik offers breathtaking views of the fjord, a perfect introduction to the region’s beauty.

Board a fjord cruise at Ulvik and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord, passing by fruit orchards, waterfalls, and mountains. The cruise provides many opportunities for picturesque photo sessions.

Upon arriving at Eidfjord, you’ll find an electric bus waiting by the quay. This eco-friendly transport will take you on a journey to the Norwegian Nature Center – Hardanger. Here, you’ll find interactive exhibitions that bring to life the unique aspects of Norwegian nature, climate, and environment. The new panoramic film on the center takes you on a spectacular journey through fjords and mountain landscapes and mighty waterfalls.

After your visit to the Norwegian Nature Center – Hardanger, the tour continues to its highlight: Vøringsfossen waterfall. Witness the waterfall’s impressive 182-meter drop, a powerful testament to nature’s raw beauty. The thunderous sound of the cascading water echoing through Måbødalen valley and the mesmerizing mist from the falls create an unforgettable sensory experience.

You have 1 hour and 15 minutes at your disposal at the waterfall to explore the area.

Completing this memorable day trip, the return journey to Voss brings you back full circle, leaving you with lasting memories of the stunning landscapes and natural wonders of Western Norway.


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