Trondheim City Boat Tour

Trondheim's best sights by boat: A unique river-to-fjord boat adventure.

Join us on the Trondheim City Boat Tour for an adventure that beautifully blends tranquility with thrilling speed. The journey begins with a serene trip along the Nidelva river, where the pace is calm and the scenery is steeped in history.


  • Enjoy a serene boat tour along the historic Nidelva river
  • Take in iconic sights like the Nidaros Cathedral and Old Town Bridge
  • Experience a thrilling high-speed ride on the open Trondheimsfjord
  • Conclude your adventure near the Trondheim train station

Explore Trondheim’s landmarks

As we sail the gentle currents of Nidelva, you’ll be introduced to Trondheim’s most iconic sights. We glide past the vibrant Bryggerekka, showcasing the city’s maritime heritage, and cruise under the historic Old Town Bridge. The tour brings us face-to-face with the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral, allowing you to admire its impressive architecture right from the river’s edge.

High-speed adventure on Trondheimsfjord

After fully absorbing the architectural and scenic beauty of the city from this peaceful river perspective, the tour transitions to a more exhilarating phase. The boat turns around and exits the river, leading us onto the open Trondheimsfjord. Here, the pace quickens as we embark on a high-speed journey towards the historic Munkholmen. This thrilling finale along the Trondheimsfjord contrasts sharply with the earlier calm, providing a dynamic experience.

Conclusion of the tour

The tour concludes at our central facilities, conveniently located near the Trondheim train station.

Important info

  • Duration 1h 15m, please meet 30 min before departure
  • Age & Height Requirement 8 years / 140 cm
  • Health Notice Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with back problems
  • Clothing Dress in warm layers, including mittens, gloves, shoes suitable for the conditions, and a scarf. In winter, an insulating layer is recommended.
  • Included Equipment Life suit, life jacket, and goggles.
  • Meeting Point Vestre Kanalkai 19, 7010 Trondheim

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