Aga fruit farm in Sørfjorden in Hardanger

Boat trip to Rosendal and cider tasting in Hardanger

A perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural exploration and culinary delight in Hardanger.

Experience a scenic boat trip to Rosendal, cider tasting at a local Hardanger farm, free time in the “Orchard of Hardanger” and the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, all in one daytrip from Bergen.

Boat trip from Bergen via Rosendal
Start your journey with a serene boat ride from Bergen to Rosendal. Glide through an idyllic archipelago and cross the vast Hardangerfjord, flanked by majestic mountains and stunning waterfalls. Onboard, enjoy the freedom to wander between the sun deck and a cozy lounge, making the most of the picturesque views.

From Rosendal, take a bus to Odda, a small town with a rich history of tourism and industrial development. Then, embark on a scenic boat ride from Odda to Aga, passing fruitfarms, waterfalls and high mountains.

Cider tasting in Aga
In Aga, delve into the rich cider-making heritage of Hardanger at a local cider farm. Learn about the art of cider production and sample unique blends paired with delicious cheeses. This experience highlights the innovative spirit and deep-rooted traditions of Norwegian cider making.

Free time in Lofthus
After the tasting, spend an hour in Lofthus, often called the “Orchard of Hardanger.” Here, explore the village’s rich fruit cultivation history, take a walk in the orchards and visit the local bakery or hotel. Lofthus offers a chance to connect with Norway’s rural culture amidst breathtaking fjord landscapes.

Visit Steinsdalsfossen
The journey culminates with a visit to Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. Not only can you admire the waterfall’s powerful beauty, but you also have the opportunity to walk behind its cascading waters for an unforgettable perspective.

This day trip is an excellent way for anyone wanting to experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of Western Norway in a short time.


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