Group of people sitting on the rock and looking at the glacier

Introductory Blue Ice Hike

Get a taste of what glacier hiking is like on a guided tour at Nigardsbreen

For those wanting to experience hiking on a blue ice glacier without spending their entire day on the rugged route, this guided tour offers a shorter experience with the same amount of natural beauty.

This tour offers a taste of what glacier hiking is like. Adults and children ages 8 and up will enjoy the challenging outdoor activity while simultaneously witnessing the beauty of Nigardsbreen Glacier’s deep blue ice.

While the ice time on this tour is short, only 45 minutes, the hiking route is steep and requires hikers to be moderately fit, have good balance and outdoor experience. This tour is led by an expert guide and includes orientation.

All hikers must wear clothing that covers the whole body (no shorts or skirts without leggings). Trekking boots or sports shoes are also recommended.


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