Destillery at Balestrand Cider House

Balestrand Cider Tasting and Lunch

Enjoy sampling distinct ciders and a seasonal lunch while overlooking the Sognefjord

Your cider sampling includes unique styles such as a light and easy “veranda cider” and a heavy tannin-infused cider, best paired with bold and savory dishes. You’ll also enjoy a seasonal lunch plank.

This 90-minute cider sampling and organic orchard tour starts at the beginning, along the banks of the Sognefjord. This is the oldest fruit-growing region in Norway and you’ll hear about the local traditions of growing apples stretching from the 1100s till today. After learning about the basics of growing apples, you’ll head to the Cider House for your cider tasting.

This tasting includes 5 distinct ciders and a lunch plank. You’ll taste your way through a spectrum of flavors from sweet dessert apples, acidic cooking apples, bitter cider apples and more. Gain a deeper appreciation for cider!


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