Sled dogs in the arctic wilderness of Tromsø with northern lights in the sky

Tromsø Evening Dog sledding Tour

Glide under the Arctic evening sky on our Husky Sled Adventure

Embark on an evening dog sledding journey beneath the starlit Arctic sky, with the potential to witness the magnificent Northern Lights. This adventure requires no prior husky sledding experience, just a moderate level of fitness and a spirit eager for nighttime exploration. Upon your arrival at our camp, we’ll equip you with warm clothes and necessary gear. Our guides will ensure you’re well-prepared with a safety briefing and practical sled steering instructions.

Experience the thrill of dog sledding with our Alaskan huskies in a unique evening setting. Each sled, shared between two guests, allows for alternating roles: one as the musher, steering the team, and the other relaxing and absorbing the serene Arctic ambiance. Our well-trained huskies thrive in this team environment, and there will be moments where your collaboration is key to navigate the sled.

Throughout the excursion, you’ll have opportunities to switch between driving and enjoying the ride. The journey, lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, is even more enchanting with the possibility of the Northern Lights dancing overhead.

Post-sled, gather in a traditional Sami tent for a warming meal by the fire. As the evening adventure concludes, you’ll return to Tromsø’s city center, filled with unforgettable memories of sledging under the Arctic night sky and, perhaps, the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights. The bus journey to and from Tromsø’s city center takes 90-minutes.


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