Northern lights above the Brim Explorer in the Tromsø fjord

Tromsø Electric Northern Lights Cruise

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights in the dark fjords of Tromsø

We’ll sail into the pitch-black Arctic fjords from Tromsø, heading towards the area with the best chance of clear skies for viewing the Northern Lights.

This might take us to places like Kvaløyvågen up north, Ramfjorden down south, or the western part of Kvaløya island.

The captain and crew will keep an eye out for breaks in the clouds. While we wait for the Northern Lights, you can stay warm in our heated lounges and enjoy a soup with accompanying bread. The soup is included in the ticket. You can also buy drinks and snacks from the café.

Our guides will share stories about the Northern Lights, from myths to scientific explanations. When we spot the Northern Lights, you can put on warm clothes and go outside to see them. Some nights they shine brightly and dance in different colors, while on others, they might be faint or not visible at all. Our guides can help you take pictures during the tour.

On the way back, you’ll get a great view of Tromsø, including its famous Arctic Cathedral, from the water.


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