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Welcome to Tromsø

The right latitude for Arctic adventures!

Headed to Norway’s great, white north? Kick off your Arctic adventure in Tromsø, the country’s gateway to the region.

Dog sledding and reindeer experiences in Tromsø

Sami woman leading a group on sledding in the wilderness with northern lights on the sky

Reindeer Sledding & Sami Cultural Evening

Reindeer sledding under the starts: an enchanting evening of culture and adventure
From NOK 2245
Sled dogs in the arctic wilderness of Tromsø with northern lights in the sky

Tromsø Evening Dog sledding Tour

Glide under the Arctic evening sky on our Husky Sled Adventure
From NOK 2890
Dog sledding at Camp Tamok in Tromsø

Tromsø Dog Sledding Tour

Thrilling dog sled journey & warm meal in Tromsø’s wild
From NOK 2890

Explore the arctic fjords of Tromsø with hybrid-electric ship

Passengers aboard Brim Explorer looking at a whale

Tromsø Silent Whale Watching Cruise

On board a hybrid-electric boat watch humpback whales and orcas feed in the Arctic fjords
From NOK 1690
Northern lights above the Brim Explorer in the Tromsø fjord

Tromsø Electric Northern Lights Cruise

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights in the dark fjords of Tromsø
From NOK 1090
Northern lights in Tromsø seen from a ship

Tromsø Northern Lights Dinner Cruise

Aurora Dinner Cruise with delicious 3-course dinner while looking for northern lights
From NOK 1690

Tromsø Snowmobile Tours – day and night

Northern lights safari with Snowmobile

Tromsø Snowmobile Tour Evening

Evening snowmobiling adventure near Tromsø, with Northern Lights potential, traditional meals, and Arctic wilderness exploration
From NOK 2445
three snowmobiles on a tour in Tromsø

Tromsø Snowmobile Tour

Snowmobiling adventure near Tromsø, with expert guidance and a traditional Norwegian meal by an open fire
From NOK 2445

Hunt the magical arctic light at sea

Northern lights in the dark fjords of Tromsø

Northern Lights Boat Safari

Take part in a 3-hour evening cruise searching for the Northern Lights outside Tromsø
From NOK 950
2 whale fins appearing on the water surface in vivid winter light outside of Tromsø.

Polar Light Whale Safari

Join our search for wild humpback whales and Orcas on a whale watching cruise outside of Tromsø in Arctic Norway
From NOK 1645

The right latitude for Arctic adventures!

Tromsø, often referred to as the “Paris of the North,” is a captivating city in Northern Norway, renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, historic wooden houses, dog sledding adventures, and as a prime location for witnessing the Northern Lights.

Compact and modern, this engaging city lies some 400 km (250 mi) north of the Arctic Circle. Mere steps from wilderness and framed by breathtaking mountains and fjords, Tromsø’s got “the right latitude” for unique winter and summer adventures.

Some call Tromsø the “Paris of the North.” Think that’s a stretch? Well, this charming place got the nickname for good reasons. Tromsø boasts Norway’s largest collection of historic wooden houses north of Trondheim, for one. It also offers one-of-a-kind attractions like Macks Ølbryggeri, the northernmost brewery in the world. 

Read more about Tromsø

And despite its small size, Tromsø’s home to not one cathedral, but three: two 19th century wooden structures plus the striking, modernist Arctic Cathedral — actually a parish church with an outsized reputation and stunning locale. Then there’s a world-class theatre and festival roster, a chock-full menu of trendy and tasty restaurants, and a big-city café, bar and pub scene. Tromsø’s other moniker? “The Nightlife City.”

Speaking of nocturnal pursuits, ready to try your luck at spotting the Northern Lights? Tromsø’s smack dab in the middle of the auroral oval, the area with the highest probability of seeing this ephemeral, elusive sky show. So, if you’re in Tromsø between September and April, your chances are good.

And remember: Tromsø’s also not just Norway. The city lies in northern Scandinavia’s Sápmi region, traditionally home to the Sámi people and culture. 
Spend some time in company with the indigenous people of northern Europe, and get to know the Sami culture. You can go reindeer sledding and feed the herd as well.

And there’s still more to do! If Tromsø is on your travel itinerary, you have come to the right place. Stick with us and have fun adventuring!

The weather in Tromsø

The weather in Tromsø is varied, featuring clear winter nights perfect for Northern Lights viewing and extended summer days under the midnight sun, both offering unique and spectacular natural experiences.

How to travel to Tromsø

Tromsø Airport

Tromsø Airport, Langnes, is the main airport in Tromsø, located about 5 kilometers northwest of the city center, making it easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi. With regular direct flights from major European cities like London and Frankfurt, Tromsø Airport is a convenient starting point for visitors looking to explore this unique part of Norway.

Tromsø Cruise port

Tromsø cruise port, located centrally in the city, is a popular port for cruise ships, and is only a short walk from Tromsø’s main attractions and shopping streets. With direct sea routes from European ports like Amsterdam and Hamburg, Tromsø cruise port is an appealing stop for travelers wishing to experience the Arctic charm and scenic beauty of the region.

Tromsø by car

Tromsø is connected to the rest of Norway through a network of national roads, but it’s important to note that the distance to major European cities is significant, with cities like Oslo and Stockholm being over 1000 kilometers away. At Tromsø Airport, there are several car rental companies, making it convenient to rent a car upon arrival and start their Arctic adventure.