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Go west: See the Norway of your dreams

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Sky-high peaks and shimmering fjords. Waterfalls, glaciers and skerries. Cosy fishing villages and sophisticated ports. Coastal boat journeys. Cross-country ski treks. Seafood-rich waters and fruit-laden valleys. History and heritage. Welcome to western Norway … the Norway of your holiday dreams

Some 1,752 kilometers long and 430 wide, all of Norway is vast, diverse and full of marvelous things to see and do. But the three counties making up its extreme west — Rogaland, Vestland and Møre og Romsdal — are home to the iconic Norwegian musts at the top of any holiday bucket list worth its salt. Plying fjords like a latter-day Viking. Hiking a glacier. Climbing up precarious Pulpit Rock

Western Norway — in Norwegian, Vestlandet — is also so much more … unexpected... Island-hop via postal boat. Wrap yourself in woolen wear from a local workshop. Cycle along a fjord. Marvel at stave churches and savor Norway’s unique brown — and “old” — cheese.

From Stavanger in the south, and some 500 kilometers north to Kristiansund, the fjord- and skerry-ridden coast of western Norway is strewn with lively and charming ports, large and small. These harbors once sent forth waves of Vikings and, later, emigrants seeking a better life abroad. But they’ve always laid out the welcome mat for newcomers, too — from medieval merchants to 19th century British sportsmen, Norway’s first proper tourists. And now, if you will, you and yours. 

City and country, valley and peak. And, of course, the unmatchable fjords. Culture and nature meet in one spectacular holiday in western Norway. You’ve seen it in your dreams. Now live it for yourself.

If Western Norway is on your travel itinerary, you have come to the right place. Stick with us and have fun adventuring!

Population: 1,314,265
Largest town: Bergen (pop. 284,000)
Regional name in Norwegian: Vestlandet

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