Vangsvatnet lake in Voss

Instagram Friendly Spots in Voss

From skiing to white water rafting to paragliding, Voss is the perfect background for all your high octane activities.

You probably already know that Voss is a very special place. Located between the two biggest fjords of Norway, the adrenaline capital of the country welcomes adventurous travellers and extreme sports enthusiasts all year long.

But sometimes, even extreme sports enthusiasts need to take it easy; to stop and look around. So consider this article your friendly reminder to do just that… and maybe snap a great picture or two for your Instagram followers.

These 7 great Instagram friendly spots in Voss will give you a different, but equally great perspective of this special place!

The Tvindefossen waterfall

Located right next to the main road E16, the Tvindefossen waterfall is amazing to behold — both in real life and in pictures! With a 110-meters fall (360 ft) and its cascading waters framing the rock behind it, Tvindefossen has inspired artists for hundreds of years. 

There was even a rumor, in the ‘90s, that the waterfall’s water could restore and reinvigorate! You can take a bike ride from Voss to find out if there’s any truth to that… or simply to snap some amazing pictures!

Tvindefossen waterfall close to the village of Voss

The view from Hangurstoppen Restaurant

How does 820 meters above sea level sound for your photographic escapades? Nestled at the top of the Hangurstoppen mountain, Hangurstoppen Restaurant is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a cosy meal after a day spent skiing. But it’s also the ideal place when you need a panoramic view of the mountains around Voss and the valleys below. 

Don’t worry if the weather is cold and you need to stay indoors: thanks to the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows, these panoramic views are accessible to you — and your Instagram followers — year round!

The top station of Voss Gondola
Photo: Jon Hunnalvatn | Voss Gondol

The Bordalsgjelet Gorge

Although not a very high octane activity (it’s an easy walk from the centre of the town, about 45 minutes to get there), a walk to the Bordalsgjelet Gorge should be in your Voss itinerary anyway. Think walking through a woodland, along the edge of a lake, and arriving at a picturesque bridge… sounds like something out of a fairytale, right? 

Make sure to pause and take some photos on the bridge or from one of the viewing points: the gorge is quite deep and depending on the season you can see either running water or ice… In any case, this is a very scenic walk that will reward you with some beautiful Instagram captures.

Bordalsgjeldet gorge in Voss

The Vangsvatnet lake

Located in the heart of Voss, on the southwestern shore, the Vangsvatnet lake is popular with the extreme sports crowd: here you can do kayaking, kite-surfing and boat dragged paragliding. But you can also take a stroll and take in the views of the surrounding mountains. And if you’re lucky, capture some unique moments while others are engaging in those activities! 

Just think of the nice contrast the colorful kayaks will make with the lake’s azure waters… You can also take a bike trip along the lake and capture several photos along the way.

Vangsvatnet lake in Voss

The Voss Gondol

Need another bird’s eye view picture to add to your Insta feed? The Voss Gondol has your back… on air! The mountain gondola that can take you all the way up to Hangurstoppen in just nine minutes is the biggest and most modern cable car in all of Northern Europe — but it’s also a great vantage point. 

Whether inside the gondola and snapping pictures of the changing landscape outside, or looking at the two cars (one red, one yellow) while they’re on air, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Instagram gold moments!

Top section of the gondola at Voss on a beautiful winter day
Photo: Jon Hunnalvatn | Voss Gondol

The Store Ringheim Hotel

There are many cosy hotels in Voss to rest and recuperate after all your extreme sports escapades. But the Store Ringheim Hotel has this extra wow factor that will help you ace your Instagram game: it’s an old farm house that’s been around for more than 300 years and recently turned into a small, boutique hotel. 

Apart from great views to the farm landscape outside, you can also take some great shots of the unique, historical ambience and vintage furniture.

Store Ringheim hotel at Voss
Photo: Store Ringheim Hotel

The Smalahovetunet

We left this one for last, as it’s for the daring (and carnivores) only. “Smalahove” (“sheep’s head”) is a traditional Norwegian delicacy and one of the oldest local traditional dishes from Voss. The principle is that of sustainability, of using every part of the animal so that nothing goes to waste. 

Traditionally served with potatoes, beer and aquavit, at the Smalahovetunet family restaurant you can try this unique dish all year long. And Instagram it… if you dare!

Production of Smalahove at Voss
Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skaug | Visit Norway

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