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Welcome to Kirkenes

where Borderland adventures await!

Between the Arctic Ocean and the great forests of the Siberian Taiga, right on the shores of the Varanger fjord, the little town of Kirkenes is your perfect gateway to the wild and diverse Barents region. Kirkenes may only be home to just over 3K permanent residents, but it’s beloved by local and international travelers alike.

Go hunting for the northern lights

Two people on snowmobiles watching the Northern lights

Northern Lights chasing by Snowmobile in Kirkenes

Experience a thrilling Northern Lights snowmobile tour in Kirkenes, Norway
From NOK 2950
Northern lights chasing with dog sled in Kirkenes

Northern lights dog sledding tour in Kirkenes

2 hour dog sledding tour in Kirkenes with chances of seeing the Northern Lights
From NOK 2950
Northern lights chasing in Kirkenes by bus

Northern lights chasing by bus in Kirkenes

Join an experienced aurora hunter on a trip to the best Northern Lights spots in Kirkenes
From NOK 1500

Experience the best of Kirkenes

Two people on a snowmobile in Kirkenes

Snowmobile tour in Kirkenes

2 hour snowmobile safari in the magical landscape surrounding the Snowhotel in Kirkenes
From NOK 2800
woman holding up a large king crab caught in Kirkenes

King crab fishing in Kirkenes

Fish your own king crab and learn how to cook it by experts at the Snowhotel in Kirkenes
From NOK 2800
Dog sledding in the wilderness of Kirkenes

Dog sledding tour in Kirkenes

2 hour dog sledding safari in the Arctic wilderness surrounding the Snowhotel in Kirkenes
From NOK 2800

Where Borders Unite

This is the place for unique experiences like king crab safaris and cross-border adventures, set in a landscape as dramatic as it is enchanting.

Traditionally the land of the Eastern Sami indigenous population, with a rich history that spans back 2,000 years, Kirkenes to this day remains a melting pot of different cultures and influences: the nearby countries of Russia and Finland, the Sami, and of course the Norwegian settlers who have been living here since the 14th century. You can get a deep dive into the area’s fascinating history, as well as the town’s important role during WWII, at the Borderland Museum.

Read more about Kirkenes!

Of course, the best way to experience Kirkenes and the Borderlands is to get out there and embark on one of the many adventures available, both on land and at sea! For instance, did you know that you could fish for the local delicacy that is King Crabs in the waters near Kirkenes? Or that you could explore the almost mystical, frozen solid Taiga forests via snowmobile or with a traditional dog sled? Skiing is also a great option here, with marked trails all over the forests.

However you choose to spend your days in Kirkenes, don’t forget to look up at night, as there’s a significant chance of spotting the Northern Lights! But even in the nights when the ethereal Aurora remains hidden, you’ll still be surrounded by a magical winter wonderland with beautiful lighting: at the Kirkenes’ Snowhotel, which is built from scratch every Winter, lighted ice sculptures and twenty different themed rooms showcasing Arctic culture will ensure your nights are just as magical as your days!

And there’s still more to do! If Kirkenes is on your travel itinerary, you have come to the right place. Stick with us and have fun adventuring!

The weather in Kirkenes

Kirkenes, situated in the high Arctic climate, is known for its long, cold winters and short, yet bright summers.

How to travel to Kirkenes

By air

Kirkenes is accessible by air, and the nearest airport is Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen. There are direct flights to Kirkenes from several major cities in Norway, including Oslo and Tromsø. The flight from Oslo to Kirkenes usually takes around two hours.

By boat

For those who prefer a sea route, Hurtigruten and Havila Voyages is a popular choice. This famous coastal voyage stops at several ports along the Norwegian coast, including Kirkenes.

By train

Although there are no direct train connections to Kirkenes, one can travel by train to places like Rovaniemi in Finland and then continue by bus or car. This can be an adventurous alternative but requires a bit of planning.