Narrow alley at Nordnes

Discover the secrets of Nordnes

2 hour guided walking tour through the hidden alleys of the historic Nordnes area

Visiting the Nordnes peninsula allows you to see some of the most beautiful places in Bergen, as well as hear stories you won’t hear on a regular walking tour! Learn about witches, crime and secrets.

Nordnes is one of Bergen’s best-preserved historic neighborhoods and is a welcome escape from the busy, crowded areas.

You’ll walk with your local guide down a long peninsula (1 kilometer/0.6 miles) in Bergen Harbor as you learn about the area’s fascinating history.

On one side, wealthy merchants built homes along the waterfront. On the other side was a working-class sailor’s district. At the end of the peninsula, you’ll encounter Bergen’s oldest execution site and courthouse.

This hidden place in the city center is a must for anyone wanting a tour beyond Bergen’s popular tourist attractions.

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