Panorama view of Sognefjorden

Fjord and Glacier tour with guide from Bergen

Day trip from Bergen where you can experience a fjord cruise, stave church, glaciers, and waterfalls

Embark on an unforgettable journey from Bergen, where each turn unveils a new marvel! This tour seamlessly integrates serene guided bus tours, fjord cruises, stunning viewpoints, massive waterfalls, and rich cultural experiences.

The adventure begins on a cozy bus from Bergen, with additional pickups in Voss. As you travel, enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Vikafjell, dotted with freely roaming cows, sheep, and goats during the season.

At the “Storesvingen” viewpoint, capture scenic shots of Vik Village and the majestic Sognefjord—known as “The King of Fjords,” Norway’s longest and deepest fjord.

In Vik, delve into history with a 25-minute guided tour of the ancient Hopperstad Stave Church, dating back to 1130, conducted by knowledgeable local guides in both English and Norwegian, included in your ticket.

Next, board a fjord cruise from Vik to Fjærland, sailing through the serene Sognefjord and into the narrow, verdant Fjærlandsfjord. You are sailing a route that has been traversed by tourists since the end of the 1800s. Relax during the 2-hour journey to Fjærland, enjoying the onboard café, lunch, and breathtaking views.

Upon reaching Fjærland, a charming village once accessible only by boat until the 1980s, you can either explore for two hours or join the included guided tour to the glacier and the fascinating Norwegian Glacier Museum.

The museum provides family-friendly insights into glaciers and climate. Following the museum visit, board the guided bus for a short trip to the stunning Bøyabreen glacier, part of the larger Jostedalsbreen glacier, where you can take memorable photos and perhaps dip your feet in the cool glacier waters.

Then, reboard the guided bus and journey through the stunning landscapes back to the Glaciertour vessel in Sognefjord.

The return to Bergen features a stop at the majestic Tvindefossen waterfall, a 110-meter cascade wrapped in myths, offering a moment to experience nature’s raw power.

We conclude our journey back in Bergen, with a brief stop in Voss, finishing at the Tourist Information Office around 20:35.

This tour offers a day packed with some of Norway’s most breathtaking sights, perfect for capturing picture-perfect moments. The Glaciertour crew, including bus drivers and fjord cruise staff, are always eager to provide excellent service and attend to your needs.

Don’t miss asking the crew on the vessel if you can snap a photo in the wheelhouse alongside a captain who has navigated Norwegian waters since his childhood.


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