river rafting in a rushing river at Dagali

River Rafting at Dagali

Classic whitewater rafting on Numedalslågen river

Prepare for an exciting, adrenaline-fueled day on the river! With six sections to challenge your skills, this is the best and safest river rafting experience to be found in the Norwegian wilderness.

Perfect for ages 12 and up, this classic whitewater rafting trip features medium waves and the added thrills of possible rocks, a chance of considerable drops and maybe even sharp maneuvers. A bumpy ride is guaranteed!

There are six amazing sections to challenge new and experienced rafters including Trollhogen, a nice warm-up rapid, a natural slide with a wave at the end known as The Conrad’s Rapid, and the longest section called The Devil’s Playground Rapids.

Your experienced guide will keep your raft above water, but make sure you have a good grip for this exciting river rafting experience.


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