Family with kids on the glacier

Family Friendly Blue Ice Hike

This Nigardsbreen glacier hike is perfect for parents and sporty kids

This tour is perfect for families who love the outdoors and want to go on an adventurous ice hike together. A challenge for children and parents alike, the guided tour offers a unique ice experience.

For adventurous families with children ages 8 and older who love the outdoors, this glacier hike is the perfect experience!

Get roped up and fitted with crampons and ice axes and follow your experienced guide on this fun and challenging ice trail. It’s tailor-made for families who want to explore Nigardsbreen Glacier together!

All hikers must wear clothing that covers the entire body (no shorts or skirts without leggings) and should be prepared to spend 1.5 hours of the 4.5 hour trip on the ice.

For families with young adult children, or families without children, this may not be the best fit.


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