2 whale fins appearing on the water surface in vivid winter light outside of Tromsø.

Polar Light Whale Safari

Join our search for wild humpback whales and Orcas on a whale watching cruise outside of Tromsø in Arctic Norway

Board a catamaran and set sail during polar night in search of whales, porpoises and other sea life. Enjoy sightseeing from the spacious deck or through panoramic windows in the warm cabin.

Imagine setting sail and seeing killer whales and humpbacks bursting out of the water in the magical, blue twilight. This comfortable guided cruise glides past stunning fjord landscapes in search of whales feeding in pods. Along the way sightseers are sure to spot other spectacular ocean life such as Harbor Porpoises and a variety of Arctic birds.

The roundtrip starts from downtown Tromsø, and takes about 8 hours. The spacious boat decks allow for viewing in the brisk Arctic air while the warm cabin offers panoramic windows.

The experienced crew will do everything they can for you to experience whales. If you do not see humpback whales or killer whales on the trip, you can join the next available whale safari with us – completely free of charge. This whale guarantee can only be used once.


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