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Haukland beach in Lofoten

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An archipelago above the Arctic circle

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Want otherworldly landscapes? Outdoor adventure? Viking heritage? Postcard-perfect villages? The stunning Lofoten Islands — rising from the Norwegian Sea like a rocky crown studded with scenic jewels — have it all in spades.

A standout destination in a land of ultimate natural beauty, the Lofoten archipelago is a must for anyone looking to connect with the land, sea and locals of Northern Norway.

Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy. The main islands of Lofoten may have tongue-twisters for names but by the time you leave, they’ll all roll off your tongue — as you sing their praises. Each isle boasts its unique charms, but the entire chain is linked by a network of modern roads, bridges and tunnels. 

Revel in views of majestic mountains, bucolic pastures, tidy towns and crystal-clear coves lined with Lofoten’s iconic red rorbuer cabins.

Winter or summer, in fact, locals and visitors alike make sure to get outside. Lofoten’s largest town — Svolvær — may lie 169 km (105 mi) north of the Arctic Circle, but the islands enjoy warmer than expected weather. You can thank the Gulf Stream for that. Fishing trips, whale and sea eagle safaris, kayaking excursions are all on the menu —  and in the summer, at all hours. That’s when the midnight sun reigns in the sky, day and night, never setting from the end of May till mid-July. Come fall, winter and spring, Lofoten’s other signature celestial attraction — the Northern Lights — take center stage. Ghostly wisps and curtains of colored polar lights regularly dance overhead in the nighttime light show of a lifetime.

All that Arctic light and spectacular scenery has drawn generations of artists from across the globe. Need a break from all the natural beauty on display? Satisfy cultural cravings at Lofoten’s many galleries and exhibition spaces.

Stunning scenery. Exciting excursions. Cultural encounters. All await in Lofoten. 

If Lofoten is on your travel itinerary, you have come to the right place. Stick with us and have fun adventuring! 

Population: 24,500
Region: Northern Norway
County: Nordland
Largest town: Svolvær (pop. 4720)

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Credit: Brim Explorer

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