two ladies out dog sledding on their own in Tromsø

Self-drive dog sledding in Tromsø

Lead a team of racing dogs and head into the arctic wilderness on your own dog sled

Make your visit to Tromsø a true Arctic adventure by trying your hand as a musher! This unforgettable tour allows you to lead a team of sled dogs through the spectacular northern wilderness.

If you’re physically fit, over the age of 16 and keen for a new experience, consider leading a team of husky sled dogs!

Once you arrive at the Wilderness center outside Tromsø, you’ll be fitted with thermal overalls and boots so you’ll stay warm throughout your outdoor adventure.

Before setting off, an experienced guide will teach you dog sledding basics and you’ll be partnered with another guest to share the sled with. At the halfway mark, you’ll swap seats and whoever drove out will be the passenger coming back in.

At the Gamme-hut you’ll be served a hot drink and delicious meal followed by dessert.


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