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Welcome to Ålesund

Å is for Åwesome

Ålesund is quite literally an A-list — make that an “Å-list — destination. Deemed by many as Norway’s most beautiful town, this charming seaport has it all when it comes to holiday wish lists.

Experiences in Ålesund

Three hikers on top of a mountain close to Ålesund

Sea Kayak and Hike Ålesund

Kayak out from Ålesund and hike up Mt. Sukkertoppen offering panoramic views
From NOK 1599
three people out cycling in Ålesund

E-bike and Hike Ålesund

Bike through Ålesund, hike in the forest and get rewarded with a panoramic view over Sunnmøre
From NOK 1399
Two persons in yellow kayaks padling in Ålesundet

Art Nouveau Kayak Tour

Experience the art nouveau city of Ålesund from a different angle
From NOK 799

Experiences in Sunnmøre

Mount Slogen seen from the shores of Norangsfjorden

Hjørundfjord Cruise

Fjord cruise from Ålesund through the majestic Hjørundfjord, surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps
From NOK 850
Kayaking surrounded by mountains.

Fjord Kayak Hjørundfjorden

By kayak explore the beautiful Hjørundfjord surrounded by the peaks of the Sunnmøre Alp
From NOK 1299
Two girls kayaking surrounded by mountains.

Fjord Kayak Hellesylt

This is a perfect half day activity for the whole family
From NOK 1199

Oslo – a modern European metropolis

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is renowned for its unique blend of nature and urbanity, featuring famous attractions like Vigeland Park, the Opera House, and proximity to the Oslofjord.

Architecture. Attractions. Arts and events. Appetizing eats. And even Alps. The Sunnmøre Alps, that is, soaring up to 2,000 m (6,560 ft) above the fjords.

Speaking of fjords, Ålesund is the gateway to Geirangerfjord, the crown jewel of them all. Winding for 15 km (9 mi) through some of the steepest mountain scenery in Norway, this must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site is lined with spectacular waterfalls, abandoned farmsteads and unspoiled scenery. 

Read more about Ålesund

Fjord cruises, fishing trawlers and coastal ferries and ships all call at this busy port, but Ålesund is more than an embarkation point. Spread across seven islands at the mouth of the Storfjord, the town — most famous for its century-old Art Nouveau architecture — offers plenty of reasons to stay put. 

Ålesund rose from the ashes of a devastating 1904 fire that flattened its core. Reconstruction resulted in one of Europe’s best urban treasure troves of Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil architecture. Wander the streets soaking in the streetscape of this eminently walkable town, popping into shops on trendy Moloveien for unique finds and harbour eateries for a hearty fish soup or other seafood treat.

Feel like more walking? Head up Mount Aksla to the Fjellstua Viewpoint for fantastic views — and Instagram gold — over Ålesund. Other hiking hotspots include Mount Sukkertoppen and Mount Saksa, where you’ll spot those Alps and all their skiing and fishing fun. 

Or take a bus or ferry to Godøya, for walks up the island’s 497 m (1,631 ft) hill or — more modestly — the 145-year-old Alnes Lighthouse.

Welcome to Ålesund — Å is for Åwesome.

The weather in Ålesund

The weather in Ålesund is characterized by a mild, maritime climate. The city often experiences moist conditions, with frequent rain showers, especially during the autumn and winter months.

How to travel to Ålesund

Ålesund Airport Vigra

Ålesund Airport Vigra is located on the island of Vigra, north of the city. Despite its size, the airport have direct connections with several international destinations, offering a gateway for both local and international travelers. The airport is situated 17 kilometers from Ålesund, and the journey by car takes about 20 minutes.

By bus

There are direct bus routes from Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim to Ålesund, offering a convenient and economical way of travel. From Oslo and Bergen, there are regular daily bus departures that take 10-12 hours and 8-10 hours. From Trondheim to Ålesund, the bus journey takes about 5-6 hours, giving passengers an opportunity to experience the impressive Norwegian coastline

By car

Upon arriving in Ålesund by car, one can drive through a spectacular landscape featuring fjords, mountains, and coastlines. The city is approximately a 7-hour drive from both Oslo and Bergen, and 6 hours from Trondheim, depending on the route and traffic conditions. At Ålesund Airport, there are several car rental options available, with the presence of both major international and local car rental companies.