Mount Slogen seen from the shores of Norangsfjorden

Hjørundfjord Cruise

Fjord cruise from Ålesund through the majestic Hjørundfjord, surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps

Embark from Ålesund on a cruise through the Hjørundfjord, surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps. This trip offers views of mountains, fjords, and local villages.

Along the way, explore charming villages that dot the fjord’s shores, each offering a glimpse into the region’s rich culture and hospitality.

Along the journey, the boat makes a stop at Trandal, Sæbø, Urke, and Øye. For those traveling on a round trip from Ålesund, there will be a short stop in Øye for sightseeing.

On board the boat, enjoy amenities like snacks and drinks for sale, a sundeck, viewing decks, toilets, and Wi-Fi.

The dedicated crew prioritizes your comfort and safety, aiming to provide an enjoyable experience.

You have the flexibility to choose from three ticket options for the journey through Hjørundfjord: a round trip starting from Ålesund, a one-way ticket from Ålesund, or a one-way ticket starting from Øye. This allows you to tailor your experience, whether you wish to embark on a full round journey or explore specific areas of the fjord at your leisure.

Departure times:

Round trip from Ålesund

Departure from ÅlesundArrival back in Ålesund

One-way: Ålesund – Hjørundfjorden

Departure from ÅlesundArrival in Øye, Hjørundfjorden

One-way: Hjørundfjorden – Ålesund

Departure from Øye, HjørundfjordenArrival in Ålesund
Please note that the time slots are not flexible.
We cannot guarantee a seat on the a different departure than stated on the ticket.

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