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An introduction to the most popular towns of southern Norway

Southern Norway, also known as “the Norwegian Riviera”, is a hot holiday spot for Norwegians. The quaint region along the Skagerrak coast is home to many cute little villages and towns that each have their own distinct flavor. Here’s an introduction to some of the most popular towns in Southern Norway. Tvedestrand Built into a […]

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Why Stavanger is a popular tourist destination

Famous for its stunning natural beauty and rich culture, Stavanger, Norway’s energy capital, is an ever-evolving city with a proud history. Sheltered by islands located off the southwest coast of the country, Stavanger is a tourist hub welcoming travellers by air, land and water. Offering some of the most iconic views of Norway, including the […]

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10 things you may not know about Stavanger

Rich history, culture and cuisine on tap. Stunning natural attractions at hand. Excellent and easy travel connections. It’s no wonder Stavanger, Norway’s fourth-largest city and urban heart of the scenic southwest, makes for the perfect base of adventure operations for your fjord holiday. This charming and cosy city of 135,000 inhabitants has long prospered as […]

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10 photos that make you want to visit the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten in Northern Norway is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway, which makes it a photo heaven. Warning: If you currently have a case of serious wanderlust you might end up booking a Lofoten trip after seeing these images. Are you spotting more than 10 photos? That’s right! There is just too much […]

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10 things you may not know about the Lofoten Islands

Serpentine roads, wild fjords, colourful cottage houses, sparkling blue waters and jutting mountaintops. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the beauty of the Lofoten islands (your Instagram will thank you). The Arctic Norway archipelago is known for its breathtaking beautiful vistas. But how much do you really know about this ancient, […]

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9 reasons to visit Lofoten in the winter time

The Lofoten archipelago is a dream come true for every visitor who wishes to experience the beating heart of Norway. Named after a lynx, the Arctic archipelago carries an almost feral, untamed beauty all year long. Its jutting mountaintops and diverse wildlife juxtaposed with postcard-perfect fishing houses and the glittering waters of the fjords, the […]

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3 Ways to Experience Trollfjorden in Lofoten

Trollfjorden is a two km (1.2 mi) long fjord with a narrow entrance and steep mountains on all sides. Known for its natural beauty and wildlife, accessing the fjord is best done by boat. Here are 3 ways to experience Trollfjorden in Lofoten. Explore it on a sea eagle RIB safari Beginning in Svolvær, you’ll journey […]

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Why Tromsø is the perfect place to try dog sledding

From its polar museum to its mountainous sherpa staircase, and from its eclectic architecture to its wild Arctic landscape, Norway’s “Paris of the North” has many ways to steal your heart. But if you really want to make your time in Tromsø unforgettable, hop on a dog sled!  It’s the best way to take in […]

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7 great photo spots in Tromsø

Tromsø, the Arctic Capital of Norway, is incredibly picturesque all year long. In the summer, the midnight sun bathes everything in a warm glow all night long, as the sun doesn’t set from the end of May to the end of July. In the winter, you can get glimpses of the (usually elusive) northern lights […]

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6 reasons to visit Tromsø in Northern Norway

As an urban city situated in the land of the midnight sun and northern lights, Tromsø is a place where you can enjoy modern art exhibitions one day, view wild reindeer as you chase summer or winter lights the next and explore the arctic wilderness with sled dogs the third day! Witness northern lights, polar […]