Drone view of Henningsvær football stadium and the surrounding islands

10 photos that make you want to visit the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten in Northern Norway is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway, which makes it a photo heaven.

Warning: If you currently have a case of serious wanderlust you might end up booking a Lofoten trip after seeing these images. Are you spotting more than 10 photos? That’s right! There is just too much beauty to choose from.

Endless hiking opportunities

With majestic mountain peaks rising from the ocean everywhere you turn, the hiking opportunities are many. Reinebringen (448 m / 149 ft) is among the most famous hikes. The peak is far from the highest in the area yet, this is more than made up for by the good hiking trail leading up and the iconic view from the summit. The view combined with the easy actress from the town of Reine makes the hike highly popular.

two women standing on the top of Reinebringen in Lofoten
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

Unique sports field

In addition to a small population of 500 people, Henningsvær is home to what has been crowned as one of the most scenic soccer fields in the world. The field is located on an island and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery with steep mountains, sea and fishermen cabins along the bay.

Overview of the Henningsvær football stadium surrounded by fishing racks
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

Small villages

Lofoten is teaming with small towns and communities, each carrying their own distinct character. Reine is one of Lofoten’s best known and most frequently photographed fishing villages. The beautiful surroundings have also been adopted and used by world famous adventure centers like Epcot and Legoland.

Drone view of Henningsvær fishing village
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

Stock fish tradition

Witness unsalted cod dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks on the foreshores. The world’s richest cod-fishing takes place every winter in Lofoten. In the late winter and throughout the spring you can witness the over 1,000-year-old stockfish tradition before the fish is exported to Europe. Did you know that drying food is the world’s oldest method of preserving food?

Two people standing under huge fishing racks with drying cod
Photo: CH | Visit Norway

Rorbu Cabins

Lofoten is teaming with fisherman’s cabins, also known as Rorbu Cabins or just ‘rorbuer’ in Norwegian. The first rorbu cabins were built in Lofoten in 1120 as housing for fishermen during the Lofoten fishing season. The cabins were of simple structures built on poles partly out in the sea. Today the rorbu cabins are no longer needed to serve fishermen as they can stay in their own modern fishing boats. Thus, they have become popular to accommodate visitors. With their unique and colourful look they are also a popular item to photograph.

Red fishing huts in Nusfjord in Lofoten
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

White sandy beaches

It is not often that you hear the words arctic and beach mentioned in the same sentence. However, on the Lofoten islands you find perhaps some of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see. 

Expanses of white sand meet crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Arctic Ocean, and are popular among tourists during the summer. Some are even brave enough to go for a swim!

Haukland beach in Lofoten

Crystal clear waters

Speaking of turquoise waters! The water clarity on the Lofoten islands is one kind. Getting in a kayak is a great way to get close to waters and explore life beneath its surface. You also get to see the Lofoten landscape and its rugged beauty from a water level perspective.

A couple padling in calm waters on the coast of Svolvær
Photo: XXLofoten

Jagged mountains

Almost everywhere you turn your head in Lofoten you have a view of beautiful mountains rising from the sea and rocky peaks. Surrounded by some many peaks the hiking opportunities are endless!

Two hikers feet on top of a mountain in Lofoten
Photo: XXLofoten

Great for wildlife encounters

There is a wealth of different wildlife in Lofoten ranging from birds to whales, moose and orcas. Among the most popular wildlife safaris are sea eagle safari offering you a chance to get up close and personal with the mighty sea eagles, which are among the largest eagles in the world.

Norwegian sea eagle flying in the Trollfjord
Photo: XXLofoten

Northern lights and midnight sun

Being located north of the arctic circle, The Lofoten islands have it both. In the summer time you can spend time under the glowing red sunlight at midnight, and in the fall and winter months you can be treated to a spectacular color show when the northern lights (or aurora borealis) dance across the sky. Lofoten really has something to offer at any time of the year. 

PS: We have created a detailed guide for photographing the northern lights and the midnight sun.

Green northern lights dancing over some red fishing huts in Lofoten

Explore the magical Lofoten Islands

Northern lights dancing on the sky in Lofoten

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