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Why it rains so much in Bergen – Norway’s second largest city

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” This old Norwegian saying is definitely something you need to keep in mind when planning your vacation to beautiful Bergen. See, Bergen may be Norway’s second largest city, but it’s first in all of Europe… when it comes to rainfall! Bergen’s unique location between seven mountains doesn’t […]

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Why you need to have the fjords of Western Norway on your bucket list

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Norway? Its rich Viking heritage? Its endless skiing slopes? Its ridiculously good looking people? Allow us to add one more to your list: the fjords. Norway fjords are truly a wonder of Nature — so much so, that several of them are UNESCO […]

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Famous statues in Bergen

You can find historic statues decoarting many different parts of Bergen. They are placed in front of grand buildings, in city squares and in lush parks. Some are even placed on tall pedestals.  The stiff characters in question are immortalized to remind us how they have shaped Norway, some culturally and some politically.  Join us […]

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10 Reasons to visit Ålesund

From its turn-of-the-century streetscape to its glorious natural surroundings, this chic but small seaport of 66,000, straddling seven islands between fjord and sea, packs a lot of attractions punch. THE STYLE  Art Nouveau, anyone? Ålesund — to many, Norway’s most beautiful city — is synonymous with this century-old architectural style, also known as Secessionist or […]

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Animals in Arctic Norway

Northern Norway is ideal for both land and sea safaris to spot fascinating fauna. From whales and dolphins to huskies and eagles, wildlife in this part of the country is both diverse and awe-inspiring. Visiting the parts of Norway that are above the Arctic circle will be unforgettable. You can gaze upon the midnight sun […]

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Experience Lofoten: Home to the world-famous Henningsvær Stadium

Are you planning your dream vacation to Norway? Every holiday should be about making memories and experiencing the new. And if you’re looking for something unique, the Lofoten Islands won’t disappoint. But you might be looking for that extra wow factor to complete your journey. Read on and don’t miss out on your chance to see Henningsvær […]

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Fishing in Lofoten – ingrained in the island culture and lifestyle

Whether it’s experiencing a day at sea on an authentic fishing boat or exploring a historic fishing village, fishing in Lofoten is an unforgettable experience. Located in the land of the midnight sun, Lofoten is known for excellent fishing, spectacular natural attractions and cultural richness. As if being one of the world’s northernmost populated regions […]

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12 reasons why you should visit Bergen

Surrounded by seven mountains and with a harbor of world heritage class, Bergen is perfect if you love mountain hikes, city walks, water activities and culture.  Located in the heart of Western Norway, the city is also the gateway to some of the most famous fjords in the world.  Below are some great reasons to visit […]

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4 Things You Need to Know About The Flørli 4444 Stairs

They were built to follow a hydropower pipeline over 100 years ago. Today the 4444 Flørli Stairs are among Norway’s most popular hikes. Making it to the top of the stairs is like climbing the Eiffel Tower more than 2,5 times! In 1918, the tiny community of Flørli welcomed one of the first hydropower plants […]

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4 Tips To Tackle The Flørli 4444 Stairs

Climbing stairs doesn’t sound like fun when you’re at home but in the tiny southern Norway community of Flørli, it’s an exhilarating challenge. That’s because Flørli is home to 4444 wooden stairs, the longest wooden staircase in the world. Every April to September, thousands of hikers trek to the top. If you’re among the ones […]