Panorama view of Romsdalseggen mountain ridge in Åndalsnes

Did you know this about Romsdalseggen?

Known for offering some of the most scenic views in Norway, hiking Romsdalseggen Ridge is high on many’s list. The mountain ridge located in the heart of Romsdalen offers awe-inspiring views of the wild Romsdalsfjella mountains, the Norwegian Sea and the Romsdalsfjord.

It is not without reason that Lonely Planet has described the view from the ridge as “offering some of the world’s most scenic hiking”. Before you pack your backpack and strap on your hiking shoes, here are a few interesting facts.

You get to see Europe’s highest perpendicular rock face

The view from the top of Romsdalseggen is nothing less than spectacular. As you follow the trail on the tip of the ridge you’ll see the mountains meeting the sea and the Rauma River running through the Romsdalen valley. 

However, the absolute icing on the cake is the view of Trollveggen cliff, which is Europe’s highest vertical cliff spanning 1,000 m (3.280 ft) above the ground.

panorama view of Åndalsnes with snowcapped mountains
Photo: Erwin Barents | Norsk Tindesenter

You climb close to 1,000 meters (3200 ft)

Be aware: Hiking Romsdalseggen is tough. It is a long climb in rough and steep terrain with airy passages. Looking at the numbers puts the challenge further into perspective. 

The ridge is 10.3 km (6.400 m) long. Its highest point at Mjølvafjellet spans 1.222 m (4.009 ft) above the ground. With an elevation gain of about 970 m (3.182 ft be prepared for a demanding hike.

The edge of Romsdalseggen mountain ridge in Åndalsnes
Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

Airy areas

Some parts of the hike are exposed and can feel scary to some people. You don’t need climbing gear, but there are chains belated in the steepest sections for better grip.

If you are suffering from a mild degree of fear of heights, usually manage to get throught the hairiest parts with a good hiking companion to lean on.

hikers walking on the path on Romsdalseggen
Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

Guided hike

Even if you are an experienced hiker it can be challenging to navigate unknown terrain. Every year the Norwegian Search and Rescue Team find travelers who have either lost their way or been injured on the mountain. Going on a guided hike with a local guide is a good alternative.

An added bonus: he will share facts and interesting stories about the terrain you are exploring.

Via Ferrata

If the hike makes you hungry for further Romsdalseggen fun, or if climbing is more your thing, check out the Via Ferrata tours.

You can challenge yourself both at an intro wall and a tougher via ferrata wall for more experienced climbers.

And before you embark on your trip, here are a few bonus tips!

A man walking over a wire between two mountain sides in Åndalsnes
Photo: Norsk Tindesenter


  • Clothes: Make sure to bring an extra change of clothes in your backpack. To plan what clothes to pack, have a good look at the weather forecast and plan for that the weather can change rapidly in the mountains. 
  • Shoes: Wear solid hiking shoes or boots. Good grip and thick soles are best for the rocky terrain you are up against! 
  • Battery: Bring a power bank in case your cell phone battery runs low. A power bank doesn’t take up much room and is light to carry.
  • Food: Pack plenty of food and water. You can refill your bottle in water streams along the trail.