panorama view of Åndalsnes with snowcapped mountains

5 reasons to visit Åndalsnes

Dubbed as the Norwegian mountaineering capital, Åndalsnes certainly lives up to its name. Few other places offer the same amount of stunning hiking opportunities. Here lies one of the world’s most scenic hikes not far from Europe’s tallest vertical rock and the Trollstigen plateau.

Not convinced Åndalsnes is your cup of tea just yet? The 5 reasons below will definitely whet your appetite further.

It has hiking opportunities for everyone

Boasting some of the world’s most popular hiking trails and paths, Åndalsnes is a mecca for nature enthusiasts and professional climbers. From the challenging Trollveggen, Europe’s tallest vertical rock face to family-friendly mountain hikes, the little town offers a wide range of hikes of all difficulty levels.

Man climbing up a Via ferrata course in Åndalsnes
Photo: Matti Bernitz | Norsk Tindesenter

It is a natural starting point for hiking Romsdalseggen Ridge

Climbing the legendary Romsdalseggen ridge, which according to Lonely Planet is “one of the world’s most scenic hikes”, is on the bucket list of many avid hikers. The views are incredible and the route is challenging even for the most demanding thrillseekers. 

Located only a stone’s throw from Åndalsnes, the town is a natural destination for a night before and after the hike.

two hikers walking on the ridge of Romsdalseggen
Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

It is located close to Trollstigen

The spiral National Tourist Route Trollstigen offers one of the most scenic drives in all of Norway. The 11 hairpin bends climb 858 m (2814 ft) up to Stigrøra. Some places the road cuts into the mountain and some parts are built on top of stone walls. 

At the top of Trollstigen there are viewpoints and steel walkways which allow you to get close to the dramatic mountains and waterfalls.

Panorama view of Trollstigen mountain road

It is great for ocean activities

Åndalsnes may be known as the mountaineering capital but this doesn’t mean that it lacks in other activities. Its landscape combines valleys and mountains, rivers and lakes, making it ideal for activities such as ocean kayaking in the Romsdalsfjord and SUP boarding.

kayaking in a fjord close to Åndalsnes
Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

It gives you easy access to Rampestreken

This new lookout point is quickly growing to become one of Norway’s most famous lookout and selfie points. Standing 537 m (1.761 ft) above ground, you have a fantastic view as Åndalesnes and the surrounding nature unfold beneath you. 

The most popular way to get to the viewpoint is by hiking up the well marked path called Romsdalstrappa.

Rampestreken hiking destination and view point in Åndalsnes