RIB boat driving in the currents of Saltstraumen

RIB to Saltstraumen with sea eagle safari

See the world’s strongest tidal current at Saltstraumen and scout for sea eagles

Take a boat out to the world’s most powerful tidal current, Saltstraumen. This tour is timed with the tides so you’ll be there when the whirlpool is the most impressive. Watch for sea eagles on the way!

Beginning at Bodø harbor, this exciting RIB tour allows you to experience both the powerful Saltstraumen whirlpool and the beautiful locations behind Straumøya. The timing of this tour is adapted to the current so you have the opportunity to see Saltstraumen at its most intense.

This unique area of the world is difficult to compare with any other landscape and will leave you with unforgettable, fond memories. While you’re out on the water you may have the precious opportunity to see the local sea eagles in their natural habitat. Watching these majestic birds soar and fish is a true privilege.

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