river rafting with children

Family Friendly River Rafting

Join our family rafting trip on the Otra River in Setesdal Valley

If you do one activity while visiting Evje, it should be white water rafting. This guided trip begins with safety and skills training before getting on your way. Look forward to bouncy wave trains!

White water rafting at TrollAktiv is a must-do for families visiting the Setesdal Valley. This fun activity takes you out on the river to experience the thrill of bouncing over wave trains and surfing with rafts.

Your adventure begins with safety and skills training, where you’ll learn what’s required before you embark. You’ll then be on your way, with your guide providing instruction and entertainment.

This family-friendly activity is one of the most popular attractions in Evje, especially in July during the Norwegian school holiday. Many view this experience as the highlight of their summer!


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