two rafts with families on board floating down a rushing river on Dagali

Family Rafting at Dagali

A safe and fun family adventure on Numedalslågen river

Rain or shine, this safe rafting adventure is fun for the whole family! The river tour takes you on safe streams where you can surf the waves and take in the beautiful, tall mountains all around.

This family-friendly rafting tour is on a safe section of river with more than enough thrills. You’ll enjoy beautiful landscapes, fast rapids, slow-moving ponds and wave surfing!

Highly-trained guides plan each trip according to the water flow to ensure it’s safe and fun. Most rapids are whitewater Class 2 and Class 3, but if larger rapids are encountered the group can steer around them.

Children are encouraged to paddle so they can be active participants, no previous experience required!

Family rafting is a wonderful way to create memories and make the most of your time at Dagali Fjellpark.


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