Brim explorer sailing close to shore in the Oslofjord

Why go on a fjord cruise from Oslo

If there is one thing Norway is particularly famous for, that’s unquestionably its mesmerizing fjords. Though the most famous ones lie in the country’s western part, those visiting Oslo are still in for a treat.

The Oslofjord stretches from the south part of the capital to the North Sea. Along the way, islands, lighthouses and wild nature paint the scenery. The best way to explore the small inlet and the city itself is to go on a fjord tour from Oslo, and here is why.

A unique city fjord

Before we start naming reasons why a cruise across the Oslofjord is a must for anyone visiting the Norwegian capital, we’d like to lay it on the line. As you glide across the Oslofjord, you won’t pass by imposing rocking formations and awe-inspiring glaciers such as the ones that adorn the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord in Western Norway. 

However, the Oslofjord has its own unique charm. Combining both natural wonders and cultural sites, the Oslofjord is a feast for the eyes. Moreover, if you’re visiting Oslo for a short getaway, the Oslofjord cruise is the best way to get a real taste of the Norwegian capital without breaking a sweat.

Sunset at Tjuvholmen in Oslo
Photo: Didrick Stenersen | Visit Oslo

Surrounded by lighthouses, ruins and beaches

An inlet of the Skagerrak sea, the tranquil fjord is divided into an inner and an outer part. Spanning from the Torbjørnskjær and Færder lighthouses in the south to Oslo in the north, Oslofjord boasts forested hills, azure-water beaches and picturesque bays.

A cluster of islands dots the inlet’s crystal-clear waters. As you sail among them you’ll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their unspoiled landscapes as well as the Dyna Lighthouse. Hovedøya, known for its medieval monastery ruins, Langøyene and Lindøya for their beaches and the virgin Nakholmen island are only some of them.

Dyna lighthouse on the coast of Oslo
Photo: Didrick Stenersen | Visit Oslo

Enjoy the sight of iconic buildings from a unique perspective

As you reach the inner Oslo Fjord, the Norwegian capital will unfold before your eyes. Seeing the innovative city from the water is one of the best parts of the fjord cruise. The city’s iconic buildings such as the Oslo Opera House and the reinvented Aker Brygge neighborhood will pass before your eyes. 

You’ll also have the chance to see the Bygdøy peninsula and its fascinating museums. Docked in front of the Maritime Museum, floats The SS ‘Svanen’, the only preserved three-masted ship from Norway’s golden age. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready to capture one of the most historic vessels.

Oslo Opera House in pink morning light
Photo: Didrick Stenersen | Visit Oslo

Relaxation at its best

The fjord cruise from Oslo allows visitors to explore Eastern Norway in an alternative and relaxed way. Lay back on the boat’s comfortable deck and see Oslo from a different angle. 

Take some landscape photographs and Instagrammable shots along the way and make your visit to Oslo unforgettable.

Fjord cruise on the Oslofjord

Boat from Brim Explorer in the Oslofjord

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Brim explorer sailing in the Oslofjord

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