Kayaking surrounded by mountains.

Fjord Kayak Hjørundfjorden

By kayak explore the beautiful Hjørundfjord surrounded by the peaks of the Sunnmøre Alp

Enjoy a day exploring the majestic Hjørundfjorden as you paddle a tandem kayak around the fjord. Take in the natural wonder, from the sea all the way to the top of the Sunnmørsalpene mountain range.

This tour begins in Norangsfjorden, a fjord arm near Øye.

Visitors will enjoy all this amazing area has to offer including large waterfalls and other spectacular natural views. Visits from local wildlife like eagles and porpoises are also common. Hjørundfjorden is considered a hidden gem in western Norway as it’s not overrun with tourists, yet offers similar awe-inspiring sights found in other more well-known fjords.

This area offers protection from wind and other rough weather, so you can enjoy a relaxing day kayaking around the fjord.

Safety demonstration included.


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