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Welcome to Åndalsnes

the height of holiday excitement!

Take your fjord foray to new heights in Åndalsnes, Norway’s mountaineering mecca. This tiny town of 2400, at the mouth of the Rauma River, may be small but it looms large when it comes to hikes, drives, train trips and ski tours among the region’s towering peaks and sweeping vistas.

Via Ferrata experiences

Man climbing up a Via ferrata course in Åndalsnes

Guided Tour Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata West Wall

An airy challenge in Åndalsnes perfect for those seeking adrenaline
From NOK 1595
A person climbing up a steep via ferrata course in Åndalsnes

Guided Tour Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata Intro Wall

A 3-4 hour Via Ferrata climbing tour at Introveggen, perfect for beginners and adventurers
From NOK 1095

Experiences in Åndalsnes

Stand up padling in the river Istra close to Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes SUP Adventure

Go on a SUP tour on the Istra River in Åndalsnes
From NOK 1095
exhibition of climbing history at the Norwegian Tindesenter in Åndalsnes

Day Pass Norsk Tindesenter

With one ticket you can access both the museum and the climbing wall at Norsk Tindesenter
From NOK 145

Norway’s mountain capital

Åndalsnes is known for its dazzling beauty with dramatic mountains, deep fjords, and the spectacular Rauma Railway. The perfect destination for those seeking an authentic Norwegian nature experience.

A first for any visitor is the hike up to the dizzying Rampestreken viewing platform, perched nearly 550 m (1800 ft) over Åndalsnes. Stroll up from the town center to a unique set of stone steps, the Romsdalstrappa, laid by none other than — who else? —Nepalese Sherpa guides. 

Still not high enough for you? Head back up the steps to the top of Mt. Nesaksla, 708 m (2323 ft) tall. Families can easily tackle Litlefjellet for accessible views, while ambitious hikers will want to take a crack at the challenging Romsdalseggen trail — one of the world’s most scenic highland routes. A skier? Grab a local guide and make for Mt. Kirketaket, for 1439 m (4721 ft) of powdery slopes and stunning fjord scenery.

Read more about Åndalsnes!

Loftier still is Trollveggen, a nearby mountain wall soaring a mind-boggling 1700 m (5578 ft) skyward. Free climbers and base jumpers make a habit of scrambling up or plunging off this intimidating “Troll Wall.” But you’ll probably prefer to view its massive bulk from below or — even better — from the comfort of the Rauma Line. Ride its legendary rails on a safe and scenic trip from Åndalsnes to Dombås or Bjorli for unparalleled sightseeing.

After your train pulls back into town, make a beeline for the Norsk Tindesenter to explore local mountaineering history and — if your adrenaline’s still pumping — scale the nation’s tallest indoor climbing wall. Mountaineering mission accomplished, recharge your batteries and rest your soles at one of the town’s charming cafés or inns with a cup of tea or coffee, cinnamon roll or New Nordic nosh. If you want to swap sugar kicks with adrenaline kicks, maybe a Via Ferrata route does the trick?

The weather in Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes, a picturesque destination in Norway, is renowned for its crisp, temperate climate and abundant rainfall, offering a unique ambiance year-round.

How to travel to Åndalsnes

By air

To visit Åndalsnes by air, travelers can choose between Ålesund Airport and Molde Airport. The airport in Molde being closer at about 55 kilometers from Åndalsnes, offers a shorter drive of approximately one hour. Ålesund Airport, about 120 kilometers away, is another option, providing a scenic drive or public transport options that take around two hours.

By train

Åndalsnes Train Station serves as a central hub for rail travel in the region. It is the end station of the famed Rauma Line, renowned for its spectacular views, including Trollveggen and Romsdalsfjorden. Regular train services from Åndalsnes connect to nearby cities like Dombås, approximately 114 kilometers away, where passengers can connect to other destinations in Norway.