Hiking excursion to Kjerag

Set your pulse racing high above the fjord!
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Woman on Kjeragbolten Travel in Norway Kjerag mountain in southwestern Norway


One of the world's most spectacular hiking experiences
  • Season
    9. June - 2. September
  • Departure point
    Stavanger, Sandnes (preorder only)
  • Duration
    11,5 hours

This is an excursion to great heights, both physically and emotionally. We take you to Øygardstøl, which is the start of the path to Kjerag. The path then leads up, up, up and away to the famous Kjerag boulder, which towers 1,084 metres above Lysefjord. 

Kjerag is the highest of the peaks in Lysefjord. You'll soon start to feel this during the first part of the hike, which is a steep climb up a mountain ridge. Although most people will need to take a breather, there's a lot to be said for keeping your head up – there's a clear view on all sides! 

Once you reach the plateau, you can rightly think of yourself as a mountain goat, take a mountain selfie ('fjellfie' in Norwegian), or give your hiking companion a high-five. For many, the highlight will be standing on the round Kjeragbolten boulder wedged between two mountain crevices.

Prices and departures


From Stavanger

From Sandnes

From Ålgård

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From Stavanger

07:30 from the Bus Station, track 5

From Sandnes

07:50 by McDonald's (preorder only)

From Ålgård



16.15 Departure Øygardstøl (for hikers Kjerag)
18.45 Sandnes
19.00 (approx.) Stavanger 



Sights on the trip

  • Kjeragbolten

    This is a boulder of approximately 5 square metres in size wedged between two mountain crevices 1,110 metres above sea level. Having your picture taken on the boulder is a popular activity, and during the high season you may find that there is a small queue before you can venture on to the boulder itself.

    Woman tourist on Kjeragbolten raised hands Travel in Norway Kjerag mountains
  • Lysefjord

    Lysefjord is 40 km long and is the southernmost of the famous western fjords of Norway. Here, there are world-famous rock formations such as Preikestolen and Kjerag, imposing scenery and rich local history. The fjord recently won a 'Sustainable tourism award'.

    person sitting on the edge of a cliff on the way to the boulder (Kjeragbolten) in the mountain crevices of Kjerag above a fjord, near Lysebotn, Norway.

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

The bus leaves from the Byterminalen bus terminal in the centre of Stavanger. 

The hike itself is around 10 kilometres long. The path is marked, and chains have been erected which act as safety barriers in several places. This is a challenging route with several steep sections and an ascent of 570 metres. You should allow around 5–6 hours in total for this hike – longer if you want to take many breaks along the way. 

Remember to bring the right equipment!

It's important that you wear good sensible clothing. A hike in the high mountains requires walking boots, warm clothes and wind and waterproof outer layers. 

Safety is important

There is no guide for this hike and it is undertaken at your own risk. Always check the weather forecast for Kjerag before setting out on a hike. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, and extra clothing, food and drink is essential in case the trip takes longer than anticipated. 

This tour is operated by Tide. If you have any questions, please contact Tide's customer service desk at [email protected] or phone +4755238700. Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday/Sunday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.