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Round trip bus between Stavanger and the Kjerag hiking trail
Departure points
1 Jun - 29 Sep
Departure points
11 hours 30 minutes
10 km
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From kr 640,- per person
Woman on Kjeragbolten Travel in Norway Kjerag mountain in southwestern Norway

Wedged in a mountain crevice sits the Kjerag Boulder. This famous natural attraction lures thrillseekers from all over the world. Why? Well, because they dare to stand on the rock that’s elevated above Lysefjord.

Book a return bus between Stavanger and Øygardstøl, the starting point for the Kjerag hike. Our reliable service gives you time to explore Kjerag mountain and enjoy the stunning view when you reach the top. Standing tall at a mindblowing 1084 metres, Kjerag towers above the other peaks surrounding the picturesque Lysefjord.

Many visitors who take the beaten path to the top of Kjerag plateau are happy to admire the beauty of the fjord below. Other adventurers crave that heartstopping moment. The big photo opportunity. When you reach the summit, you’ll see the boulder wedged between mountains. This is your chance to stand on the famous rock that is suspended nearly 1000 metres above sea level.

Do you dare to take that step?

While Kjerag mountain and the boulder is deservedly a popular attraction. When you reach the top you’re spoilt by breathtaking views of majestic mountain tops and the stunning Lysefjord. A word of warning, this is a steep climb over rocky terrain and it can become slippery in wet weather. Remember that this is not a guided hike, however, it’s well signposted so sticking to the route shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a tough hike in places so you’ll need a good level of fitness. Make sure you’re prepared with the right hiking equipment and plenty of food and drink to keep your energy levels up. It is a mind-blowing experience and it is certainly worth the effort! Book your place on the bus today.


Sights on the trip

  • Kjerag Mountain

    Kjerag Mountain is situated in the municipality of Forsand, in Rogaland county. If you head to Lysefjord, Kjerag is easy to spot as its peak towers above the other mountains that surround the fjord. It’s a popular hiking route with spectacular views and once you reach the mountain plateau, the Insta moments are just waiting to be captured.

  • Kjeragbolten

    Also known as the Kjerag boulder, Kjeragbolten is a giant bolder wedged between two mountain crevasses. Much like Pulpit Rock, it has become a popular tourist hotspot, with visitors from all over the world putting their nerves to the test accessing the rock that is suspended 984 mtres above the Lysefjord.

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Practical information

Facilities at Øygardstøl (starting point)

· Toilet facilities

· Tourist information

· Restaurant/ Cafe

Please note that there are no toilet facilities during the hike to Kjerag summit.

What to wear

It goes without saying that you must check the weather conditions before you start your hike. Remember that the weather can be changeable in Norway, so we highly recommend that you pack wisely. Here are a few essentials to take on your trip:

· Hiking boots (It’s steep in places and you need support)

· Lightweight jacket and trousers that are waterproof and windproof

· Additional layers (fleece, socks etc.)

· Hat, scarf & gloves (weather dependent)

· Backpack to carry your food and drink

Where to eat

The Øygardstøl restaurant is available for food and drink before and after your hike to Kjerag mountain. However, Kjerag is a tough hiking route so you need to take plenty to eat and drink for your journey. We recommend taking a packed lunch with you- best enjoyed at the top of the mountain!

Additional Information

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