Drone view of Flåm fjord village

Flåm: worth a visit during all 4 seasons

The tiny, picturesque village of Flåm, whose name translates to “a plain between steep mountains,” is an absolute gem all year long.

Located at the innermost bank of the Aurlandsfjord in Fjord Norway, with steep mountains enveloping it from all sides, Flåm is a testament to the timeless beauty of Norwegian nature and culture — no matter which season you choose to visit.

Spring is in the air

Woman on a mountain ledge with panorama view of Flåm
Photo: Lubka Krasnanska

With the trees blooming and the valleys becoming verdant again, Spring is gorgeous in Flåm and its surrounding areas. With the temperatures rising again, it’s a great time to explore nearby destinations, like the authentic Viking village of Njardarheimr in Gudvangen, where you’ll get to experience a slice of life as a Viking, or embark on outdoor adventures.

Aurlandsdalen, also known as “Norway’s Grand Canyon,” is an exciting destination for hiking amidst breathtaking views. You can also take Scandinavia’s longest zipline at Vatnahalsenand, in the upper part of the Flåm valley and feel the world go “woosh” around you!

Spring is in the air in Flåm — and you can be as well!

Summer is irresistible

Cycling along Rallarvegen
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik | Visit Flåm

When the temperatures are at the highest, the trees and bushes filled with fragrant fruit and the fjord’s waters simmer in the sun, Flåm looks irresistible. Have a picnic by the harbor and take in the magnificent views or go up the mountains to admire the Kjosfossen waterfall.

Now is also the perfect time to further explore the fjord: you can hop on a leisurely cruise to Aurlandsfjiord, the arm of Sognefjord that wets Flåm’s shores, or the nearby Naeroyfjord that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also do fjord kayaking.

To see the fjords and the steep mountains that surround them from a distance, take the bus to the Stegastein Viewpoint. You’ll be 650 meters (2132 ft. above fjord level and you’ll feel like you’re floating above the fjord!

Fall into autumn

Photographer taking a picture on a mountain top with a view of the Aurlandsfjord
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik | Fjord Norway

When the leaves take on their gold and red colors, Flåm invites you to fall into its autumnal magic. And what better way to do that than hopping onto the Flåmsbana? The famous vintage train car of the Flåm Railway will take you from fjord to mountain in one hour, passing through tunnels, forests and waterfalls along the way.

And when you arrive at the Myrdal mountains, you can take the same train back or hop on your bike and follow the train tracks in a super scenic bicycle route. Back home in Flåm, don’t forget to stop by the Flåm Railway Museum to see how the train was constructed.

Magical Disney winter

a person standing on Stegastein viewpoint at winter
Photo: Bob Engelsen

If you visit Flåm in the winter you’ll immediately realize why this winter wonderland was one of the inspirations behind Disney’s Frozen.

The waterfalls may be frozen now, but the fjord isn’t, which means you could take a RIB boat trip to visit one of the nearby villages and small towns, like Undredal, to explore the local culture and cuisine. You can also head to the Ægir BryggeriPub in Flåm for their awarded brews and Viking style meals!

Crave skiing? The Flåmsbana railway turns into a ski lift of sorts, in the winter. Or you can head to the Snow Road (Aurlandsfjellet) for some cross-country skiing or snow-shoe hiking.