Henningsvær football stadium with surrounding islands and archipelago

Experience Lofoten: Home to the world-famous Henningsvær Stadium

Are you planning your dream vacation to Norway?

Every holiday should be about making memories and experiencing the new. And if you’re looking for something unique, the Lofoten Islands won’t disappoint. But you might be looking for that extra wow factor to complete your journey. Read on and don’t miss out on your chance to see Henningsvær Stadium.


Henningsvær is an active fishing village in Nordland county, Norway. It’s built across several islands off the south coast of Austvågøya in the Lofoten archipelago. With green pastures and wide bays, you could almost forget that it is within the Arctic Circle. 

Bright, intricate huts and houses contrast against the beautiful, cold northern waters. And a system of tunnels and bridges connect the islands together. It is, in short, breathtaking.It’s not made up of one island, but a few; mostly the islands of Heimøya and Hellandsøya. And all over the islands, you’ll find fishing racks. These are for drying out Arctic cod for making stockfish that’s exported around the globe.

Henningsvær fishing village in Lofoten with colorful wooden houses
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen
Two people standing under huge fishing racks with drying cod
Photo: CH | Visit Norway

Henningsvær Stadium

1927 marked the foundation of Henningsvær’s sports team, Henningsvær IL. On the Arctic Circle’s rocky islands, it’s not always easy to find space for football pitches. But in the face of adversity the team have created something spectacular. Henningsvær stadium has been called the most beautiful football stadium in the world, and it should be on any footballer’s bucket list to get a chance to play here. 

To make Henningsvær Stadium, they levelled the solid bedrock of the south of Hellandsøya Island. This left a very eye catching, uneven landscape. Around the edge of the field, there is a strip of asphalt. This serves as both a car park and as the crowd stand.It’s not the largest, but around 500 people can watch the game with ease. It’s more than large enough to cater to the needs of Henningsvær as it doesn’t even have that many inhabitants. 

It’ll cater to any curious tourists too, but you’ll need your own chair if you want to sit down! It’s not only the setting that’s beautiful either, as far as pitches go this one’s a stunner.

Overview of the Henningsvær football stadium surrounded by fishing racks
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

Set against the surrounding bare rock and grass, it’s bright green asphalt and painted white lines stand out. And now that drone cameras have grown in popularity, more people can take in the sight themselves. 

Watching the ebb and flow of the game against the island’s ridges and the waves of the Arctic Sea is a surreal sight. The beautiful game served up on a salty, Scandinavian plate.

A Must See in the Lofoten Islands

So, when you visit Lofoten make sure you don’t miss the Henningsvær Stadium. The islands themselves are spectacular and the stadium is one of a kind! But if you do visit, just don’t kick the ball too hard or it might be lost to the sea!