North Cape ATV safari

ATV Safari to the North Cape: why you should go on one

An ATV Safari to the North Cape in Norway is the ultimate must-do experience taking your trip to see the northernmost point of Europe to another level.

Read on and we will let you in on why. To be warned, words don’t do justice. You have to experience it to truly understand how great of an experience this is.

An ATV safari is fun, safe and exciting way to reach North Cape

North Cape ATV safari
Photo: Destinasjon 71° Nord

While the word “ATV” may bring to mind experienced drivers tearing up the roads, reality can be quite different. 

ATV Safaris are indeed a thrilling way to explore a place. Especially when the route offers jaw dropping landscapes such as the road to the North Cape. At the same time, it is ideal for drivers of all levels and you can adjust your adrenaline rush by adjusting your speed.

By ATV you can get to spots hard to reach otherwise

ATVs are not only easy to drive. They also allow passengers to access spots that other road vehicles can’t get to. Magerøya, the island where North Cape is located, is well-known for its rugged treeless landscape, steep cliffs and snow-capped mountains. 

Even if you’re visiting it in the summer, the raw unspoiled nature makes it difficult to reach the island’s hidden corners by car.

ATVs are ideal for groups and couples

North cape ATV safari
Photo: Destinasjon 71° Nord

An ATV fit two passengers making it the perfect couple, friends or family activity. First of all, not all of your travel companions have to have a driver’s licence. 

If  you’re traveling with your significant other and you both hold a valid driver’s licence, you can simply share the driver’s seat and take turns on steering and taking in the scenery.

ATV guides are there to assist you

Photo: Destinasjon 71° Nord

If you choose to go on a guided ATV Safari to the North Cape you will have skilled guides by your side. They will control the pace based on the group’s needs and desires, and make sure to keep you and your fellow travelers together throughout the tour. 

Along the way, they will share information about the area you are in, and of course, let you in on the perfect spots for photo opportunities.

On an ATV you take part in a tru Northern Norway activity

There are certain winter activities that no one visiting the Arctic should miss out on, and an ATV safari is definitely one of them. The feeling of the fresh air on your face while driving amidst the snow-covered landscape, is an unforgettable experience.