The North Cape - Edge of the world

Things you may not know about the North Cape

The North Cape way up in the northernmost part of Norway is a place where dreams come to life.

Experience never-ending sunlight in the summer, zip across the barren winter wonderland in a dog sled in the winter and watch thousands of puffins, gannets and cormorants fish for giant crabs from your vantage point at the bird cliff of Gjesværstappan.

5 fun facts about the North Cape

At the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean lies the North Cape, a place so far north only the Svalbard archipelago sits between you and the North Pole. 

It is here a mountain cliff juts 307 m (1,007 ft) above sea level, giving visitors a stunning panoramic view of the sheer power and wonder of nature.

Here are 5 fun facts about the North Cape:

  • The steep mountain cliff known as the North Cape plateau marks the end of the European continent.
  • In 1664 the first tourist visited the North Cape plateau. He was an Italian priest named Francesco Negri.
  • Want to get married in the world’s most northern ecumenical chapel? Then make sure to book St. Johannes Kapell on the North Cape.
  • In 1956 a road to the North Cape was first built and now more than 200,000 tourists visit the plateau in the summertime.
  • Between May and July the sun doesn’t set in the North Cape, giving you the perfect opportunity to take in the midnight sun over the Barents Sea

Did you know this about the North Cape? It’s the perfect place to witness the amazing midnight sun in the summer and the vibrant northern lights dancing across the sky in the winter. 

These are just a few of the many exciting discoveries you’ll make when you venture north.